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What foods are easy to digest?

Asked by curioscamel (84points) February 16th, 2009

I went to a doctor and i have some sort of gas in my stomach and for two weeks I’m supposed to stick to foods that are easy to digest, is oatmeal one of them?

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Pretty much anything mushy.
White stuff too.

Oatmeal should be fine. :)

I’ve had my stomach lining get inflamed before, I live on flat ginger ale and jell-o for a few days each time it happens. Otherwise, I’ll throw everything up.

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gastritis? Bananas, rice, dry toast… farina/cream of wheat

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Milk. I’ve heard its the choice food of babies.

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Easy-to-digest foods (add to the clear liquids)

plain crackers

white bread, rolls

“instant” hot cereal

white rice, noodles, potatoes

angel food cake

fruit nectars

all juices

soft or baked custard

canned, peeled fruits and vegetables

plain puddings

lean beef, fish, skinless chicken or turkey

plain milkshakes

strained, blenderized broth-based or cream soups

smooth ice cream

refined cereals

carton or frozen yogurt

milk, all types

ice milk

pasteurized eggnog

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I would include bananas, yogurts, rice, ices. Maybe some cooked squash (like butternut and acorn). Good luck!

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The BRAT diet is good – banannas, rice, apples (without skin) and toast.
White carbs with low GI – for the most part anyhow.

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Think baby food. milk and rice cereal

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PIE! mmmmmmmm…

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I thought bananas were hard to digest. I can’t eat them at all because they make me very ill. I learn something new daily here!

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@scamp – that is interesting, sometimes I don’t do well on them either. I said that because a niece had an extremely difficult pregnancy, could not keep anything down, the doctor put her on the BRAT diet and she seemed to settle a bit on it. When I feel overly acidic I like milk and Sara Lee Pound Cake!

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@rooeytoo: Who wouldn’t like Sara Lee pound cake anytime, acid or not?

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@blastfamy: The choice food is breast milk, what are you suggesting?

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The Brat diet is great for anyone recovering from stomach flu. Pediatricians often recommend it and it’s easy to remember.

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@asmonet, I simply understood that if a baby (with delicate stomach and all) can drink milk (without distinction between source unless I’m sadly mistaken), then it has to be something that a baby and others could digest easily?

What are you inferring?

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This is what my naturopath subscribed: it sounds horrible but you drink rice water (boil brown rice and drink the water). Also try very diluted apple juice for a day or two until your stomach calms down. Then introduce other foods like oatmeal, very ripe bananas and boiled carrots. Avoid dairy, saturated fats, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and red meat for a while.

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@blastfamy: They can drink milk, yes. Breast milk is vastly different from cow’s milk. They don’t digest it the same at all. I was also making a half-assed joke that camel should go find some boobies.

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@asmonet, couldn’t tell if I was treading on thin ice there or not…
Apparently, I wasn’t! Excellent form!

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I was recently diagnosed with Gastritis and I also have swollen intestines that are not allowing me to process food very well. I also have Acid Reflex which when I drink Milk or eat Bananas make it flare up. Any other suggestions on what I can eat that would have protein? Thanks!

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@ashley06101986 ; didn’t your doctor give you a special diet?

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If you have having gastric issues it is best to avoid high allergy foods (corn, tomatos, bananas, nuts, dairy, eggs, etc), starchy foods, foods high in sugar, and processed foods. Eat foods that are not processed, or processed as little as possible. Dark greens and beans are a little more difficult to digest as well. When your body stops digesting certain foods properly it is screaming to you that something is not right, and it gives you signals such as excess gas and bloating, acne, weight gain, etc. I am on an extremely strict diet due to damage I have done to my body over the years by eating improperly. My body has actually stopped digesting food and I am on the long haul to fix that (Leaky Gut Syndrome). Good luck with your digestive issues, and ensure you get the best possible treatment for this, as food is the foundation for our systems and helps determine your longevity and quality of life.

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A question for Deziner Diva’s Avatar from a fellow sufferer – What foods are you able to eat on your very strict diet? How long have you been on it and are you making progress? Best to you -

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