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Shouldn't Native Americans be in every Memorial Day parade since America was their country first?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) May 31st, 2010

like I rarely ever see any on if at all Native American Indians marching on those type of parades do you?

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Memorial Day is to honor soldiers who have served in our country. Native Americans soldiers do march in the parades.

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Oh please…..we are doing our best to forget about how we ‘pwned’ the indians lol…...and here you go bringing it up again…damn your logic lol….../sarcasm off.

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There is a Pow Wow in Flagstaff, AZ every year as part of the Memorial Day parade.

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Memorail Day was once known as Decoration Day. It’ was originally established to honor the war dead. People would decorate their graves with flags and flowers. Now Memorail Day is for all of those who have left us, not just fallen veterans. There are many Native Americans who can be honored, as all others.
And incidentally, technically yesterday was Memorial Day, not today.

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If you want to be technical, Native Americans only qualify if they fought and died in the U.S Military. The USA was not their country first. They occupied various pieces of land which is now part of the USA.

@AstroChuck Not sure about your interpretation. Originally it was only for civil war veterans when it was decoration day, with the south honoring confederate soldiers, and the north honoring union soldiers.

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@AstroChuck So was the Indy 500.

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To prove that we are not leaving people out, there were Korean soldiers in the Chicago Memorial Day Parade.

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Most of the people marching in Memorial Day parade have at least some percentage of Native American blood running through their veins. I know my father, a veteran of WWII, is about 1/16th Cheyenne. No one is preventing Native Americans from marching in the parade, as long as they are veterans.

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I have always believed that Memorial Day honored any fallen soldier in the USA…un-Civil War forward. It’s sad how it has morphed into nothing more than sales events in some areas. Anything for a buck.

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Being here first is beside the point here.

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The US wasn’t a country before Europeans arrived.

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I like the way you think, Babylon Free. Let’s begin sensitivity training for the rest of the U.S. by implementing Native History Month!

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You are confusing land and nation. The Native Americans may have beaten the Europeans to North America, but the United States (whose Memorial Day it is) is a political construct developed by European colonists.

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