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How should I travel around Peru in 2 weeks?

Asked by clay (11points) May 31st, 2010

I’m going to stay in Lima for four days and I would like to go to Machi Picchu and Lake Titicaca. I’d like to save money and avoid traveling by plane. Should I take a particular path by train or bus? Should I stay in intermediary places?

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To receive the best deal, I would use a travel agent.

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I am so envious, can’t answer. I just know you should have a great and awesome time, no matter the logistics.

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While travelling around, stay in groups and always ask about the SP’s activity in the area.

Read this.

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Don’t let zenele scare you too much. Alberto Fujimore ( president and short lived dictator) for the most part smashed the Shining Path faction. And as long as you don’t wonder around the rural areas alone you should be okay. But don’t take your safety for granted as always.

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@LKidKyle1985 And as long as you don’t wonder around the rural areas alone you should be okay. But don’t take your safety for granted as always.

Isn’t that what I said? Plus to read up on them.

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I have to agree with @YARNLADY. In the age of self-booked travel arrangements, there are times when the agent knowledge and access to overseas vendors is gold. My daughter tried making car rental arrangements overseas, but ended up going through an agent, who not only saved them 25% over what they could have booked online, but explained and arranged insurance, international driving permits, provided maps and pre-planning and generally made the whole experience much better.

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I’ve done this trip recently.
You want to fly. The bus from Lima to Cusco takes 35 hours. Flying is pretty cheap, but I found accessing the airlines sites within Peru saves a lot of money. Anyways, fly.
Second, you need to book Machu Picchu tickets 4 months in advance. Yes, 4 months. You might be able to still find tickets sooner, but it will be a much higher price.
The sun is very strong, but the temperature get very cold at night at elevation. A down sweater at night would be a good option.
Pack appropriate meds. Keep your bowl movements healthy. Drink lots of coca tea, it helps with the elevation. Be physically fit.
Be at the gate to Machu Picchu when it opens. Be there before others.
Arequipa and Colca Canyon are good options in the south to fill your schedule. Take a bus.
Cruz Del Sur is the highest quality bus. Riding long distances you want comfort.
Get Out Of The Cities. Get To The Mountain Villages. Near Colca Canyon are great villages.
If you are American, realize the restrictions on crossing Titicaca into Bolivia.

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