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Today is National Go Barefoot Day. whats in store for your feet?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) June 1st, 2010

This is the day we all have been waiting for all winter long. the day to go barefoot and to let your feet “air-out”. i just finished a short walk in my backyard. i felt the clover beneath my feet and i say “welcome back spring and summer!” so, what are your plans today? how about taking off your shoes at work or dig out your summer flipflops and give them a workout? so, how will you celebrate National Go Barefoot Day?

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I will tapdance on a bed of hot coals! Woo-hoo! ;)

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Lucy, good morning. you are crazy, girl. john

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I will try to get rid of the smell after wearing certain shoes that bring out the “scent”!!!!

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Since I work in an office, I will not be letting the dogs out to breathe here. Once I get home, it’s a different story. I might do a little nail maintenance as well. Anything to make my caveman feet look a bit more modern, yeah?

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Jfos, you go guy. whatever it takes to make your feet happy.

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Oh, so its barefeet for the weather, not more or less to support those that don’t have shoes?

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Meagan, okay, i will make you a deal….you go barefoot today and i will donate three pair of boots to Goodwill. this is a win-win situation for both of us.

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I work in a 38F degree meat locker. I guess I’ll wait until I get home to go barefoot.

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Prescottman, good idea. ever tried wearing flipflops in a meat locker?

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I go barefoot all year long anytime I can. I does get slippery on the ice though. Memorial Day is when sandals come out and dress shoes get locked away for me.

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I am with @Cruiser I like to be barefoot as much as possible! I can’t do this at work but as soon as I get home the shoes and socks come off!!

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I LOVE going barefoot! I think a walk along the beach is my future =]

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Just been out in the garden barefoot! The feel of the grass on my feel was heavenly.
I wear toe post sandals for most of the year. It feels claustrophobic wearing shoes.

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Zola Budd will be pleased, Mary Decker Slaney less so I feel.

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They’ll be firmly nestled in a pair of combat boots for 12 hours. I’m at work, unfortunately.

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Boots and socks, tucked over pants legs. It’s Lyme tick season here. A tick (this size . ) can sneak up your legs and chest and embedded itself in your hair or behind an ear without you feeling even a tickle.

Now that I think about it, it’s always Lyme tick season here. And now the black flies are biting – mostly ankles and neck.

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One of the few days this summer I am actually at work, but when I get home, I will liberate my tootsies.

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I go barefoot unless I have to do some work.

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National Barefoot Day? I have a National Barefoot Life (when I’m not a at work, of course). :)

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