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May I wish the daddy jellies a happy Father's Day?

Asked by augustlan (47725points) June 20th, 2010

I have a fantastic dad. He’s actually my step-father, and was only married to my mother from the time I was four till I was seven or eight. Even though we have no blood tie, and there was no legal obligation on his part, he’s always been my Dad. He walked me down the aisle when I got married, and is a wonderful grandfather to my children. He’s still there for me today. My dad is one of the most decent human beings I’ve ever known… an all-around good guy. He’s had a huge impact on my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.

I know there are lots of great dads on Fluther, and I’d like to honor you on your day, too. Have a great Father’s Day, and enjoy all the love from your kids!

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I would love to wish my dad a happy Father’s Day, even though he is no longer physically with me. He is still alive in spirit, was my mentor, was always there for me, and I will never forget him.

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Happy Fathers Day to my fellow jellies.

Whether you’re a dad or a pop or gramps, the old man, papa, papi or padre – an informal daddy or dadeo or the formal father or sir…have a great day!

Me? I’m “Bah” and I’m off to work today…ugh.

To my Dad, wherever you may be, I miss you.

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Thanks.Just opened my huge cards, bless.Breakfast in bed hugs & kisses all round.Boy do I love being a daddy whoo hoo.Oh & a little nod to the wife I guess she helped prepare breakfast.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads!!!

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I’ll never forget how open, accepting and supportive my dad was/is about my career choice. He’s rather traditional and old-fashioned and wanted me to go down a completely different path that included some huge university, degrees that would advance me in the field of medicine or law and playing on a decent college basketball team, but soon understood that my happiness was more important and decided to support what I wanted to do 100%. And even though it’s been 4 years later and I’m still struggling in this field and trying to achieve more success, I know he’s happy that I’m happy and I know he’s proud and impressed with the fact that I was independent enough to stick up for myself and not succumb to something I didn’t want to do just to make him content and that I’ve stuck with what I’ve stuck with for so long despite how many people give up and quit after only a year. He sees how much heart and passion I have for what I do and decided to believe in me which means more to me than he’ll ever know.

Man, I love my Pops. Happy Father’s day to him and to all of the daddy jellies.

For dinner my mom is cooking steak and lobster. I cannot tell you how nomtastic that is going to be. :D

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Happy Father’s Day to all of our Fluther Dads!! I actually just had the opportunity to wish my husband a Happy Father’s Day when he called, but he told me not to wake our son up since it’s still pretty early here. My husband is actually his step-dad, but he is the only dad he knows and I’m thankful everyday to have such a wonderful husband that is willing to do the things he does for my son.

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I miss my dad. On the other hand, I may get to see my twins today!

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@dpworkin Enjoy the kids!

My Dad is gone too – he was a sweetie and I miss him. It is my son’s second Father’s Day although I don’t know when they celebrate it in France.

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful and loving Flutherdads. You are a great bunch of fathers and deserve all the love you will get.

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Happy Father’s Day, Papa jellyfishes!

I’ll call my dad a little later. He was the best part of my childhood and the best human on Earth. :)

Right now I’m going to make breakfast in bed for my husband; he has been the best father to his sons. Potty training, day trips, picking up my slack, bedtime routine, and tickle-fests, he deserves a big gold medal!

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!
This is my first Fathers day since my dad died.
I miss him and wish I had made more of a fuss about this day when he was alive.

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For all of you that had a father (or parent) who you love and miss, and for those of you who are a parent that sets a good example with your words and actions, here is a story that my sister wrote when we found out that our father had cancer…

To Daddy – I Love You So Much
—by KLLP

I was born to a forest and life was good.
Sunlight shown sweetly through the trees and warmed my soul.
Soft winds whispered gently the secrets of serenity.

In my forest, the trees were tall and strong.
Everywhere there was beauty, goodness and peace.
In the forest, I learned all that was important.
I learned how to appreciate the small things, such as rich earth, the delicate flowers, the burble of a brook, the sunshine on my face.

I learned to be strong like the oaks.
I learned to bend in the wind like the pines.
But most of all, in my forest,
I learned to love the world.
And in this, I was given the gift of great happiness.

But one day, a fire came.
And it took my forest away.
I looked up at the sky that seemed different now that the branches of my trees were gone.
And beyond to the heavens I shouted, “This is wrong!”
“How can you take away something so right, so good, so pure, so clean?”
“How can you take what is so important to me?”

The tears on my face were then tenderly dried by my friend the wind, as it blew softly over me, around me. And it whispered:

“Your forest is not gone.
Its seeds live on forever.
And they are so strong.
And they are everywhere.
The beauty of the forest will be in your memory forever.
The love it gave you will always be in your heart;
Its wisdom in your thinking;
Its strength in your soul;
Its joy in your being.
As long as you give to the world
What your beloved forest gave to you,
It will always be alive.”

And so it will be.

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@Pied_Pfeffer That’s really nice. Thanks for sharing!

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@Pied_Pfeffer Aw that is really lovely. Thanks

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Happy Father’s Day, to all of my fellow jellies/daddios!

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My father died when he was 53 years, 81 days old.
Today, my brother, the youngest of the four kids, is 53 years, 82 days old. And it’s Fathers Day.
It was like a little hello from my dad. I miss him terribly.

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You just did. Thank you.
And Happy Father’s Day to all you mothers fathers.

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Happy Father’s Day to all you fabulous dads!

Eat cake and don’t pay for anything!

And if you’re kids make you pay for collect calls, make ‘em come home and do the dishes! :D

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Happy Poppy Day, Jelly Pops! Have a bagel on me!

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Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers on Fluther and especially to JeanPaulSartre who is the best dad to our children and I am the absolute luckiest partner to have him. I have never seen anyone be more nurturing than him.

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Thanks! and happy father’s day to the other dads out there!
@Simone_De_Beauvoir You’re foo love!

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@dpworkin Enjoy those kids…what a nice testament to your dad.

@filmfann Good to notice those things, heh?

Happy Father’s Day to all you good ones.

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Almost like @filmfann but I had my pops until I was 56years and 55 days. I feel that was a blessing in itself. I do wish a

HAPPY Father, Dad, Pop, Pops, Poppa, Babbo, Padre, Babu, Pai, Opa,... DAY! To all….Much love <333

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Happy Day to the Father’s of Fluther.

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@YARNLADY The Father’s what?

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@augustlan Thank you. How thoughtful. My older son called today but I missed his call. The younger one must have let it slip his mind. :-)

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@janbb Ooops a misplaced ’

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