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For those of you with an iPhone/iTouch: What has proven to be the most useful or most used app that you have downloaded?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25300points) June 1st, 2010

I am finally on the “i” bandwagon since I got an iTouch a few days ago. I have had a quick look through but have so far only downloaded one app. What are some of your favourite apps? Humorous, useful or just good boredom killes, what would you recommend this “i” newbie?

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I like Appzilla. It has a Gtalk app I use a lot. It also has a lot of useless stuff but overall it is pretty good for 99 cents. (It has 80 applications in one)

I use informant to keep my Google calendar updated.

Appsniper is fun. I use it to watch any app that I like but do not want to pay full price for. Often times they will have promotions at a lower price or even free to help boost reviews. (I always make sure I review the app when I get it on promotion)

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VLC Remote Free

VLC is pretty much a essential app on a computer if you watch videos. I torrent all my TV now and use my iMac to watch. This app is awesome. I can be in my bed and change the movie/show playing in VLC and adjust the audio. It uses wifi so I can be in the yard and change the movie streamed to the TV.

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The Fluther app.

For reals though..

Twitter for iPhone
Wikipanion (Seriously so useful when you’re bored on the train :D )

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MapQuest (Google maps doesn’t always have newer addresses)
My USAA banking app
Pandora radio
Ski Report

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I’ve installed and used over 200 apps onto an iPhone that isn’t even mine. Plenty of them are good apps and were for free. I found most of these through the PandoraBox app, which searches for apps not only through your criteria, but for apps on sale, new apps, and free apps.

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I will second the reco for Pandorabox. (Not to be confused with Pandora Radio, which is also free).

Pandorabox enables you to find out when there are time-limited price reductions. It also tracks new apps. With either, you can filter by free or pay.

I have gotten so many apps for free which normally cost.

If you’re new to the whole I-world, this really is the best app.

This next is not an app, but a website with great reviews of everything for pods and phones plus apps.

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Oh, and just as an app that I wish everyone had, I recommend More Toast! They’ve been adding crap to this based on user’s demands in the App Store reviews for more than a year now.

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Just for curiosity, why do you wish everyone had the “More Toast” app?

I can certainly understand it if something about it appeals to you, but why would you want to foist this on other hapless souls ? And, to add insult to injury, it isn’t even free !

Since there is a limited amount of slots available, every app on my phone has to earn its place. I always opt for functionality over whimsy. This thing may be cute, but it’s not even a game with any goal or something. I just don’t get why someone would pay money for it.

It never ceases to amaze me what people will pay for in the app store.

I mean, there are dozens of fart apps, both paid and free. The fact that someone will willingly pay for one, in spite of the availability of all the free ones, never ceases to amaze me :)

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Google Maps. I use it all the time.

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Doodlejump – extremely fun and addictive game
Evernote – a notes application far more powerful than the one that comes with the iPod touch; allows you to email notes, sync across multiple computers, your iPod and your phone, clip notes from webpages, form a note from an email or email notes to people, tag them and sort them into folders… and so on
Facebook, if you use it
Pandora, if you use it
Skype – make free calls to computers or to phones on Skype credit when you have Wifi
Instapaper – allows you to save web pages that you find interesting to read later, syncs these pages across your computer and iPod for when you’re next bored or at your computer

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@Buttonstc It’s just awesome. You’ll see.

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