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What does the food choice of your date say about them, if anything?

Asked by tranquilsea (17758points) June 1st, 2010

If you are on a date at an upscale restaurant and he/she orders a bottle of ketchup with her steak would that bother you? If he/she is a strict meat and potatoes person and refuses to even try different food does that give you window into how that attitude may cross over into other areas of their life? Would it matter to you? Would you look at it as an opportunity to expand that person’s repertoire?

What about someone who is allergic to multiple foods? Would that bother you? Would that preclude them from taking your relationship any further?

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Most food choices would not bother me…except for prairie oysters.I would draw the line there;)

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@lucillelucillelucille What if I want my date to have my pairie oysters?

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Relationships are not there to make you happy, they are there to facilitate growth, it is impossible to not be forever changed in some way, no matter how small or large in our encounters with others.

Who gives a flying fuck about ketchup on a steak…that’s is just another faulty belief that there is a right or wrong way to eat a steak. Good manners trump ketchup IMO.

You need to know yourself well enough to determine what you would consider a deal breaker.

For me it is all about the 5 ‘D’s’

Dogs ( in bed ) lol

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I don’t really care what they do and don’t like to eat.
Unless they didn’t like to eat pussy. Then, we’d have a problem. XD

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My husband was a horrible eater, mostly because his mother was a terrible cook, and they never ate out. However, he did begin trying new things at my mom’s house, because she was insulted that he would not eat her cooking. He’s now eats just about any type of cuisine, but that’s because he wanted to change his eating habits.

I believe everyone should mind their own plate. However, unless allergies are an issue, people should be willing to try new things periodically.

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@Vunessuh I heard you make a mean salmon. I’m always up for some salmon.

Or other fish-like smelling stuff.

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@bob_ Take a number. Line forms behind me.

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These things stated in the OP’s original question are not deal breakers, but it would get noticed by me. The food allergies would probably bother me the least, as long as it did not really restrict where I want to eat or what I eat.

The meat and potatoes person I would hope might be willing to try other foods. Mostly, I feel like the food thing would be a small part of the big picture. I guess if all the stereotypes in my head that go with meat and potatoes people wound up being true, then we would not be a good fit for a long term relationship. But, generalizations and stereotypes would not be where my head would be, I would be waiting to really get to know the person, not make assumptions.

Ketchup on a steak – yuck. But again not a deal breaker. My husband eats some concoctions I would never eat.

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I asked as I surprised by the number of people responding to an article on this subject with attitude that it would bother them if someone asked for, as an example, ketchup on steak. Bother them enough that they would not ask for a second date.

IMO, that says more about them then it does about their date.

Here’s the article

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@bob_ That’s not funny. Waits for people to give bob a Great Answer in retaliation to my response.

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@TooBlue Who said I was being funny?

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@bob_ Ignore the bear. hahah

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You’re not joking? That’s even worse.

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* rolls eyes *

Response moderated
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@TooBlue Well, I’m sorry you feel that way XD

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@TooBlue Get in line, you’re behind bob. Vunessuh look at all the people interested in your fish!

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The only deal breaker would be if they kept insisting that I try whatever they have decided to eat. If I say no, I don’t want to try it, and my date keeps on trying to get me to taste it, it will be a last date.

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Lol rofl lmao roflcopter lmfao lawl haha hehe tehe baha

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@TooBlue That’s the spirit! Little laughter is good for the soul.

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If that is going to bother you forever, then move on. You both will be happier in the long run.
You don’t want to make every meal a battle. Life is too short.
(I’ll have what @bob_ ‘s having.)

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No choices would bother me. If she likes to have the exact same thing all the time, or something new every time, good for her. If she likes weird stuff, or adding weird stuff to her food, then good for her.

I like meat, so a “judgmental” vegetarian would not be my kind of gal. If she doesn’t eat meat, fine (well, not “fine”, fine, but, you know, it’s not a deal-breaker), but if she nags me about my eating habits, sayonara!

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I wouldn’t care at all. My boyfriend and I happen to pretty much like the same things, but I honestly wouldn’t care. I don’t care what other people eat. I wouldn’t even care if he were a vegetarian. Only if he kept trying to convert me. ;)

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See… I wish I were as laid-back as half the people on here.

One thing I can’t stand hearing is “Oh, I don’t like _______”.

How can you categorically dislike seafood, for instance? There is a whole big wide sea out there with a gagillion different species to try, and myriad different ways to prepare each one. Just because your mom burnt a piece of fried fish once, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever try a bite of anything with gills or valves again! Don’t be so closed-minded, people!

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The only time it becomes an issue for me is when the other person wants to control what I eat. Some people won’t be in a house or environment where they can smell fish, or onions, or garlic. Some have even stated that they wouldn’t kiss someone who eats those things. I have changed the nature of my relationship with people who have approached me with those attitudes.

I have no problem with what they want to eat. Except, I wouldn’t enjoy cooking for someone whose food palate is very limited. I love most foods, and I love to cook, and would have a real problem with eliminating many foods or trying to cook a separate dish to satisfy someone who is very “picky”.

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^^ Said it better than I did.

I had to eat bland food for almost ten years because my stepfather hated onions, garlic, herbs, bay leaves, and tomatoes.

No more picky eaters.

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I’m not a fan of seeing people put sauces on a fine piece of meat but as long as their table manners aren’t attrocious then what they choose to order isn’t going to be a dealbreaker for me.

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I think that I might have a problem with a picky eater or someone who only eats a limited food selection. I say this because of my most recent SO who had a liking for white bread and Kraft macaroni and cheese refused to eat a lot of the tings that I cooked. he didn’t like Italian, he didn’t like cheese, he wouldn’t eat all kinds of things including a macaroni and cheese bake that is a specialty of mine. He rarely complimented my cooking no matter how long I had spent, but he had no trouble going over in minute detail what he didn’t like. The fact that he was used to prison food didn’t bother me, but the way he dismissed my efforts and took them for granted gave me, over time, a distinct resolution not to go through this again, so yes, ketchup on a steak would indicate to me a lack in some area that I am no longer willing to deal with. Buh bye.

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@Trillian Aww, that was so rude for him! You can cook for me any day, and not just sandwiches. I ♥ Italian food XD

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@bob_ Thanks. I hope to find a man who can appreciate my cooking and presentation at some point. PS I make a great carbonara and my bruschette is to die for!

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Good luck with that! Omg, my guy treats me so nice to my face but on his own has said I’m a lousy cook even when he eats McDonald’s on his own at least once a week. I’ve had to weigh his lack of culinary appreciation against the things I do like about him, let that one slide and take my compliments from other people. Damn it’s hard to outshine the Golden Arches!

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My husband thanks me almost every day for making his lunch that he brings to work. There are men out there who appreciate these things.

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The original examples are certainly not deal-breakers, and let’s not forget that, despite equality and all that, men and women do eat differently. A woman eating 3 hamburgers is unusual, and would make me think “hmmm, if she’s not fat already she will be pretty soon” whereas a man ordering a salad on a first date is either a cheepskate or simply gay.

Other than that (and a woman dropping food all over herself, or speaking with her mouth full etc), I wouldn’t mind even if she eats brussel sprouts in a grapefruit and cockroach sauce. Or even cauliflower for that matter.

Besides, I like ketchup :)

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@Trillian Aw, man! I ♥ bruschette! How’s your lasagna?

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Um, by the way, when I wrote “rude for him”, I meant “rude of him”.

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If fsomeone orders “light note blend, decaf, cinnamon dolce latte grande in a mug” Run!.
If that is so important, what about the big stuff in life? The person will never be satisfied – and neither will you.
I’ll have a coffee. Thanks!

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Starbuck’s encourages the prima donna in us all. The first time I visited one, I stood like a villager in the city for the first time, awed by choices I never knew existed for my coffee. ;p

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Y’all stop hatin’ on my Starbucks. They all know what I drink and how I like my foam and they make it right almost every time. When they don’t, they fix it. I love my Starbucks.

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Their choice of food doesn’t make as big an impression on me as their table manners.

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If I go to Starbucks I have to have the Marble Mocha Macchiato, extra dry, no whip. I need all the milk and chocolate to distract my taste buds from reeling at the burnt coffee.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Why? Why ya gotta lash out? ;-)

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There are few things I’m really picky about when it comes to food, but the three biggies are:
And coffee.

There are certain kinds I love, and certain kinds that are just inadequate in some way. Starbucks overroasts their coffee, and it’s too dark and too bitter to drink black – which is how I prefer to drink drip coffee.

So… yeah, I’m a coffee snob. At least I don’t put ketchup on my steak. ^_^

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Um, dare I tell @Seek_Kolinahr that I’m drinking Natty Lite at this very moment….? And that if there is any coffee left in the coffee pot from the morning before I’ll just pour it in a coffee cup and nuke it???

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Hehehehe! I never drink the SB roasts, I always get cappuccino, six shots, venti, bone dry with whole milk. I thought Natty Lite was some sort of beer. ;)

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Ugh… the smell of that stuff makes me want to barf. Sometimes my husband drinks it after work, and I have to sleep in the baby’s room, or I can smell it through his skin all night. Gag.

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When I said ” Dogs” -” in bed” I meant that literally, as in , no dogs in my bed…but, I suppose it could have a dual meaning. lol

Stereotype away but a cat on the bed is a far cry from a hairy, heavy breathing, slab o’ Lab. hahaha

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