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Online resources for vegetarian, nutrition, and general health?

Asked by Perchik (4987points) February 15th, 2007
Here's the deal I'm a college vegetarian. I've been vegetarian for about 3 months now. However I'm not really aware of of the nutrition of the stuff I eat. I'm not sure if I'm getting enough vitamins, nutrients, etc. The dining hall here serves a vegetarian meal every day and they do provide nutrition information for the meal. I feel like I'm out of shape though. I think I'm underweight for my height, but again, I don't know. So my question is, can anyone suggest some websites that can help me to learn about nutrition, exercising, and vegetarianism on a low budget? (or lend your personal suggestions) Thanks so much!
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First--your college health center may provide nutritional counseling for free, so you might want to check that out. Many health insurance plans will also offer professional planning at a reduced rate.
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as a lifelong vegetarian (I've never eaten meat) I can assure you it is possible to eat very well--and healthfully--on a veggie diet in college. The trick is to take advantage of the salad bar. Put yourself on a "rainbow" diet and try to eat as many different color foods as possible--that will force you to eat lots of fruits and veggies. There is a website called that will show you where to buy local organic produce, but it isn't necessarily aimed towards low-budget.
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One great low-budget veggie food is black beans. Very cheap, full of protein, and you can heat a can of beans and mix with salsa and rice and presto, you have a meal! Another tip for you is to read Michael Pollan's amazing article in last Sunday's NYTimes, called "Unhappy Meals" ...all about nutrition and food.;=72a840a7d11dddee&ei;=5070
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If you go to you can type in your zipcode and find vegetarian restaurants near you, along with farmer's markets, etc.
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other nutritious and easy veggie meals for a college student: stir fry...if you're not a big cook, this one is still easy. All you have to do is chop veggies, sautee them in olive oil, throw in some extra-firm tofu, and buy some Soy Vey brand Chinese Marinade or Teriyaki Sauce for instant flavor.
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Michael Pollan gives away his article by announcing initially the three rules of eating better. Eat food, eat less, eat more plants. He then goes on to write 12 pages of fascinating and vital info. Read his books too, as well as those by Eric Schlosser (FAST FOOD NATION) and John Singer.
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Another magical instant flavor is provided by Bragg, a brown liquid that tastes just like soy but is make of enzymes instead...My nutritionist made it easy; daily eat 4 different green veggies, and one red, one orange, and one yellow. Fruit rather than juice and all the complex carbs...brown rice, barley, quinoa, amaranth, polenta -
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Also eat as close as you can to what comes out of the ground. Huge salads, nuts, water...I have just given up dairy products after having read how cows are raised (or tortured) and fed only, almond or rice milk is nice as a sub. Pineapple juice does well on good quality cereal, too. Spaghetti squash w. a good organic sauce is also delicious.
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Occ's beans, salsa and rice can be turned into soup by sauteeing some chopped onions and garlic in a little olive oil and adding some broth to the mixture..sliver some greens to throw in at last minute (spinach, kale, chard, collards, etc.) Check out, also/
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hey guys, ive been using a site to help me lose weight and become a much healthier person. its actually very good cos it recommends certain things to eat and exercises to do and some of the scarier things in life. also recommends a supplement which ive used and does work, for me its been important especially as im a vegan, and there arent many options out there :)

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These are great links. I think these are healthy alternatives to traditional diet recipes. I will suggest some changes to our students. It is great to know what works for you and I feel that one should take a page from lots of diets to create one that is unique to the individual.

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