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Asked by hairypalm (889points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

what is the connection between Easter and a bunny that lays eggs?

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Ummm, fairy tales have no logic. Are you going to ask us how in the world a cow jumped over a moon? Or perhaps how Aesop could hear what the animals were saying? No – better yet – how did that old lady fit all those kids in a shoe?

If geese can lay golden eggs, bunnies can lay eggs as well :)

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Wow, is this all you do? Think of smart ass remarks to post? Its just a question. Take a break I think you have been online a bit to long

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Squirbel was simply answering your question hairypalm and is this all you do? Attack people for wanting to answer? Remind me not to help you with anything because I’m so scared you’re going to think I’m a smart ass.

Don’t attack members on this board please and to answer your question it has Pagan roots in a dying religious philosophy that lives through the eyes of a bunch of little children searching for plastic encased goodies throughout a field that somehow is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.

bulbatron9's avatar @hairypalm you mess with squirbel, you mess with fluther. If you maintain that attitude you might just have to learn to resource for yourself.

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That is Amazing. A bunch of old nerds getting so angry. It’s a web site people!

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@hairypalm You are obviously new here, because you have no respect for fluther and its users. Just because we are older and smarter than you doesn’t mean that we’re mad. You learned how to use wiki today, great. You can bookmark that to your homepage on your iPhone now, and leave us old nerds to be.

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@hairypalm: Sorry you didn’t get a good answer. Here’s a crazy thing: In France, the symbol of Easter are bells; how does THAT make sense. David Sedaris had a hilarious chapter about this whole topic in Me Talk Pretty One Day.

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I meant no harm. I just didn’t think you were serious; sorry! :)

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@andrew I gave him a wiki link, that fully answered his question. How is that not a good answer?

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thanks andrew, and thanks for the link bulba.

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In Nashville, we have a bakery by the name of Bunny Bread. and no, the bread is not made by rabbits.

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