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Does anyone use a canon 430EX flash?

Asked by sarahcooley (5points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I just bought this flash and I have an event to shoot at a lounge in a week, any tips on using it?

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What’s your plan for using the flash? That is, are you going to slap it ontop of your camera and shoot a bunch of deer-in-headlights TTL shots, or are you going to maybe get it off your camera and do something a little more interesting (Those shots—well, the first ones before I put the studio lights in the dance hall) were done with a Vivitar 285HV set to manual exposure (1/4 power), triggered via a sync cord, held in my left hand with a 1 quart takeout container held in my left hand.

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I use this flash. What’s ur exact question?

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