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Is there anything to keep you from lazy?

Asked by Sisa (171points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

cause I’m lazy and I want to stop it. lol.

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Go to the gym! It keeps ur engery up and gives u more energy at the same time. Or you could be lazy and use Fluther at the sametime! lol.

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haha ok.

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yea i work out at the gym and check my fluther on my Wing…what are you going to do about it?

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I think I’m going to run 2 miles tonight at football stadium. I can’t avoid gym.

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try and beat my time

i can run the mile in 7 minz and 20 sec’s =]

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And if you beat mine, ill try and beat yours, cause I’m lazy too…

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Break down whatever you have to do into smaller steps. After you achieve each step, give yourself a reward. It may take a lot longer, but you’ll start to see progress and then may gain momentum!

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Some people are just less driven than others, my friend. You can change if you decide it’s something that’s important to you. I know I am lazy as heck by nature but do my best to keep on top of things and watch how I’m using using my time. I actually schedule myself “lazy time” to honor that part of myself bit I only get to have it once all the stuff is done that I need to take care of and such.

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If you are lazy because you feel tired, make sure to have a small snack – something fairly healthy with protein and carbs and drink water (not caffeine!). Quick solution is a peanut butter sandwich. No sugar/chips as that backfires. A brisk walk – if you can get outside – is good also. And@figbash’s idea is awesome when you are lazy because you are actually procrastinating on something that seems overwhelming to start. Also, unless you are talking about chronic laziness, sometimes sitting around and “staring at the walls” is a good thing. We often think that we have to be going and going and going 24/7 and after a week of running around and checking off to-do list item after to-do list item, don’t feel guilty about just having a day to decompress.

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I listened to The Now Habit by Neil Fiore.

He talks about how you are not actually lazy, but you are probably a perfectionist and would rather not start something than have it not be perfect. And other things along those lines. It is worth listening to, maybe while you’re driving or being lazy.

I don’t know if I’m less lazy because of the book, but I feel better about it.

Good luck.

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sex or a job can cure laziness

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Find a hobby.

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try and remind yourself over and over how much lazytime you’ll have after you finish whatever it is you’re trying to do.

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Laziness can be cured when you realize that it actually takes more work to avoid work than to just do what you are supposed to! It is just a bad habit and can be broken!

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