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Art Non-Profits for Under Served Youth?

Asked by KarmaCrash (10points) June 2nd, 2010

Does anyone know of any organisations dedicated to seeking out, understanding, nurturing, facilitating, and providing voice to artistic ideas and expressions in situations of underprivileged, underserved, at risk, or special needs youth? Or something of the like?

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I’m a volunteer for one in NYC called Doing Art Together.

You could also contact your local United Way agency. They would have more information about those sorts of organizations local to you.

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I would call galleries in your area,see if there are any art co-ops that offer what you are looking for,maybe the art teacher’s in your area know how to help you :)

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I work for one.

Altho the art and cultural education emphasis is on Lakota traditions.

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The Art Farm
additional programs are available in most Art Museums. Contact your local Museum of Art and ask them.

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my friend KATE HARMATZ who for some reason refuses to join fluther suggests these:

Inside Out Community Arts
Unusual Suspects Theater Co.
Venice Arts
LA Children’s Chorus
Young Musicians Foundation
The HeArt Project
Greenway Arts Alliance

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Platform Youth Theatre in Melbourne Australia is a great one I have heard of where under 26ers actually make up a majority of the board of management.

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