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What happens if your stolen artwork gets returned after long period of time?

Asked by andrew (16282points) June 2nd, 2010

I just saw a news story about a guy who stole a load of paintings from the botanical gardens over a few years… what happens to the insurance money get if that painting is returned?

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I believe the Insurance company owns the paintings, or the person who received payment has to pay it back.

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I’m confident they’ll have to return the money, or turn over the artwork to the insurance company.

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I do believe that both @YARNLADY and @RealEyesRealizeRealLies are correct.

Were you the thief or the director of the botanical gardens? (Just kidding!)

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You can never return to the scene of a crime. No matter how much guilt eats in to you. You will have to turn the painting over to the insurance company where some fat douche bag will have them hung over his mantel next to a line of limited zippos. Keep the art work Andrew. Everyone has already been paid.

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He wasn’t even a skilled appraiser; the 40 pieces he took are valued at $15,000. It didn’t sound like an insurance claim was filed by the botanical gardens.

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