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Is there any way that you could make two separate videos into one?

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) June 3rd, 2010

One of the videos, I will be interview. While on the other I will have to do my scene. Is there any way that I could put those two videos and make one? Like a program? THANKS:)

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Do a documentary format.

Use the interview as a voice over randomly cutting to you talking.
Going back and forth between interview and the scene you are doing.

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@chazmaz what do you mean? How can i do that?

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Find some nice contemporary music to play under it all.

Start out with your interview, you on camera. Track up the audio of the scene you are doing then bring down the interview audio dissolving from the interview to the scene. Let the scene play for a bit then track up you interview audio. Being sort of a narrative while the scene is going on. At a proper point come back to your interview then back to your scene. Finishing with you and your interview. Saying something catchy that wraps it all up.

Also, back time the music from the end. So when you start it, it will end at the end of the video.

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try using windows movie maker. Its pretty simple drop both clips into the the story line and slide them just touching each other then complete the movie by formating it into a new file. It takes some playing around with but its pretty easy anyone can do it.

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