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Can you imagine how the Holloway family is feeling tonight as Joran van der Sloot was arrested today?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15300points) June 3rd, 2010

Sloot was arrested for the killing of a young girl in Peru.

Hopefully, the Holloway family can find some closure in the death of Natalie! All the evidence pointed at Sloot in Natalie’s death. With Sloot’s dad’s help, he got off.

Worked with Natalie’s dad for several years and the Hell that family has endured. My heart goes out to them!

How would you handle this if it was your child? Personally, don’t even want to think about it!

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How sad that another girl had to lose her life at the hands of this monster before he was brought in. Aruba should have put him on trial instead of letting his father buy off the officials. How many other girls have suffered at his hands that is not known at this time? The Holloway family must be incredibly sad to know this has happened again to another innocent young lady. Only they can know what the other parents are going through at this time.

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@chyna wow…and can you imagine how mad the parents of the second victim are tonight! If Aruba had done their job, this girl would be safe tonight. Sad sad deal…

btw, Sloot’s dad is dead now…

hopefully, justice will be done this time!

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Yeah, he won’t be able to pay his son’s way out this time. In one article I read, he used the date rape drug on her. I would bet he has done this many times. He is either losing it, or getting way too cocky and just leaving the body in the hotel.
The officials at Aruba should all lose their jobs at a minimum and really should be brought up on charges of taking bribes.

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Hopefully the justice system in South America will do the job the Aruban government didn’t do. My heart aches for the family of Natalee and also for the family of the Peruvian girl. This kid is a loaded gun.

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@pearls unreal my friend…the burden of the heart can kill a person. I’m sure they have spent many many nights crying themselves to sleep!

see you guys later…got to watch my Celtics!

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@BoBo1946 it’s like pouring salt on wounds that have never healed.

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@pearls we certainly understand my friend….just a different scenario! But, nothing would compare to having a child murdered and the person getting away with the murder. Cannot fathom that..

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@BoBo1946 Makes me ill to know he is now accused of another murder. Like you said, maybe with Daddy gone, everyone will finally get justice.

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A Dutch Magistrate’s influence does not go as far in Peru as it does in Aruba. There is enough media attention focused on it that most of the people willing to take bribes will back off to avoid the publicity.

I hope they string him up.

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I can’t imagine how they feel, but I hope they at least feel vindicated and that maybe justice will be done at last. I don’t see how he can squirm out of this, what with the video surveillance at the hotel, the witness who saw them together, and the fact that she was found in his hotel room. I’m also guessing there will be forensic evidence to erase any doubt.

However, wouldn’t it be a shame if he didn’t live long enough to make it to the trial. ~

I have to say that the timing of this girl’s death is absolutely bizarre. To the exact day, correct? Unbelievable. He’s either the stupidest person alive, or the most arrogant.

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Maybe guilt was getting to him. The timing of the new murder, and the fact that he was just indited in the US for trying to sell information about Natalie’s death and the whereabouts of her remains makes me wonder. OR.. he’s just totally wacked.

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@eden2eve I think he is just whacked. I saw a news report where one of his friends said he was asking all of them for money, that he was broke. But yet he was travelling all over the place, staying in motels, gambling, etc. The friend of his “suggested” that was the reason he killed the last girl, for her money. I’m not sure she would really have much with her, but it could be a reason.

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@chyna hope they whack off his “tang”!

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Losing a child is a horrible thing; not even knowing what happened to her is not imaginable for me. I read that the longest sentence for murder down there is 35 years. I wish it were life without.

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Wow, he actually confessed.

This article has descriptions of Peruvian jails if you scroll down a bit. Sounds like life will not be good for van der Sloot, unless he has access to some kind of funds and can basically buy better treatment. Deplorable conditions and, according to that article, epidemic levels of AIDS and other diseases. If he gets 35 years, he might not last that long.

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@MissAusten the card must have been stacked against him! and, daddy is not around anymore to use his influence…certainly like he did in Aruba!

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@BoBo1946 Exactly. Daddy wasn’t here to tell him how to handle the situation, to get rid of the body. I just hope he finally tells them where he put Natalie’s body so her parents can have peace of mind.

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@chyna Amen to that my friend!

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