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How long do you follow a question?

Asked by MissA (7391points) June 3rd, 2010

After you’ve answered, how long do you follow?

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Usually interest just fades away for everyone, doesn’t it? Sometimes I’ll get activity on an old question and get to critique myself on my answer. too much wine sometimes! I don’t uaually stop following anymore- we’re pretty non controversial these days.

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@faye I’ve been here about a month. So, fluther used to be more controversial? I guess that begs another question!

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Oh my yes!! Go back to October and read awhile- wow.

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@faye Thanks…I’ll do that some time.

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I very rarely stop following a question, so pretty much forever. It’s always fun to be reminded of old questions… like a surprise present. :)

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I follow until the end of time.
the question devolves into two people having a personal discussion that has nothing to do with the original question (I’m looking at you, Janb):)
it’s a 10K question and then I stop following after a day or so.

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Until I am bored or it gets stuck in a loop. But I welcome it if it reappears somehow. Occasionally I try to seek out an old one, or stumble upon it in my searches and pick it up again. I occasionally answer old questions because they interest me, sometimes surprising somebody.

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Until it files a restraining order.

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I follow forever until we get the batch sorting worked out heh. I’m usually all over the Fluther world anyway so following doesn’t usually do anything for me.

Sort of the same reason I don’t add people to my Fluther- I’m so all over the site that it doesn’t do anything for me. I’m going to check out all the questions anyway (plus I don’t want to break up ‘the collective’ idea or have a popularity contest). I like to show my love with my lurve- no following or ‘questions for you’ for me.

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@cprevite I’m so glad you are back more often!
I stop following the 10K or 20K after a day or two. If I get bored with one, I’ll stop following it, but that is very rare. I’ll get a question pop up from 2 years ago and I’m absolutely delighted to see it again. It makes me miss some of the people that have left though. Like JackAdams, 90’s Kid, lol.

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@chyna: Thank you my dear.

I like to imagine that JackAdams, 90sKid, LouisanaGirl, and such are all on a beautiful deserted island somewhere together. Perhaps Dibley just arrived.

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As soon as I am uninterested in the response of others I give up. Sometimes I can follow a question for a really long time after I have answered just because other peoples answers are so interesting but quite often the conversation starts to die down or turns into personal discussion between a few select members.

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I very rarely stop following a question, but I’m currently rethinking that policy.


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I don’t use that function.

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Forever and ever and ever. And ever.

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I rarely follow General questions at all now. Before the rules change I would leave them open. I have a tendency to get off-topic on follow-up discussion; rather than be mod-bait, I now usually just give my answer, push “Stop Following” and forget about it.

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Forever for most. I stop following when the conversations become uninteresting, usually chatty and inside-jokey.

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Damn questions follow me….they are like those shiny puddles on the highway always right there but you never quite catch!

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