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Why did you choose your user name and photo?

Asked by MissA (7391points) June 3rd, 2010

What were you thinking…are you happy with it? Does it convey ‘who’ you are?

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Well it is my name, not much to say there…..

My avatar I just change it as I feel or what I’m focused on.

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@Steve_A@MissA… maybe we’re related.

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@MissA Haha. :D

What about you then only fair to answer your own question yea?

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@Steve_A ,,,as someone famous once said, “Well it is my name, not much to say there.”

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Also, it’s my name and my avatar makes me smile.

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Touché @MissA :)

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1) Well, it’s my name, so I think my user name conveys “who” I am in many ways. The “X” is just because it sounds cool. :)

2) I change my photo all the time, but it’s always a photo of me. This current photo is one of me and my best friend at a party (and me looking quite happy). I love this photo a lot; it’s one of the best/goofiest photos of me that’s been taken in a while.

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My username is my birth month followed by my initials. I like the way it looks and sounds (even if people do frequently misread it as augustian). My avatar has always reflected my love of letters and typography… in real life I collect the letter N (for my last name), but that would seem silly here, so A it is. The bird (I also collect metal bird figures) and the soft background are recent additions. @Jeruba makes my avatars for me, since I have no clue how to do it on my own. I must say, she nailed this one. It’s exactly what I wanted! Given all of that, I think both the name and the avatar do a pretty good job of reflecting me.

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Mine is my initials and my photo is from a time in my life when I thought I had found what was important to me, what I wanted to do with my life.

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mine reflects my attitude towards people who think I’m lazy…Its a herman clip that I have on my wall….or had I really have to get that push pin behind the desk and clip it back up…but later…and my name describes me perfectly Tall Jasper Man… I’m a tall man who lives in Jasper

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I like kittens, and I love Monty Python, especially Michael Palin. My user name is of one of his female characters from the television sketch series.

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I picked 73 for the year I was born. That is the default picture they gave me, I never paid attention to it until now. I’m not a very symbolic type of person, if I decide to update my picture I would post a photo of myself.

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My picture is of my beautiful, sweet dog Molly. Can you tell I’m proud of her? I have no idea where I got my name. I do remember that an ex-boyfriend was in my house when I wasn’t home and got hold of all my computer names and passwords including my email, bank statements, 401K, etc. I changed everything that day to something he would never think of and somehow came up with Chyna. Perhaps Chyna Phillips was on TV at the time.

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The username comes from a time (when I first joined) when I would always wear a facade. It no longer fits, but I like it.
My avatar is almost always a photo of me. I’m not usually half naked but whatever lol!

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To keep a low profile.

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@bob_ “Bob” is the name of my evil twin. Well, ok, maybe I pull a prank and blame it on my evil twin.

My name is because I am boring… it is my middle name.

I have zero pictures online, which is good because I picked up a stalker some years ago. My avatars are of my main SL avatar which is as close to me as I can get it.

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One of my avatars here is a kickin 68 Camaro which is my favorite car I loved cruisin around in when I had it hence my name.

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The user name is from the Heinlein novel. I’m a sci-fi nut.

The avatar now is just whatever I find amusing. I had posted actual pictures of myself, but they became flame-bait for trolls. I’ll stick with Gomez and Morticia for a while. I like goth-y stuff.

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My husband’s name is Jon, I’m blond. I didn’t know what user name to use because I had never used a Q & A site before. Jonsblond was the first name that came to my mind. When my husband joined not long after me he came up with Blondesjon for himself.

We usually use avatars that are related somehow. We’ve been Peppermint Patty and Marcy, chocolate and peanut butter, Rob Zombie and Sherri Moon Zombie to name a few. My husband loves lamp at the moment. ;)

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I don’t remember. As for the pic, it’s Leatherface, who doesn’t love Leatherface.

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My username is a name I’ve used for a long time (it’s a set of craters on the dark side of the moon). My picture is just one of the many anime nurse pictures I have.

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I chose my name because I had list 40 lbs. My picture is from a South Park icon maker and I’m wearing an orange shirt for CAK.

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A round square is a famous example in philosophy of something that can’t exist… so… yeah, I’m a strange guy.

The turtle is a picture my sister took and said it looks like me.

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I enjoy hosting dinner parties parties!!

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It dates back to the doppleganger week that was on here.

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I changed it!

I’m an US citizen, but I’m a Britanno-phile, so if you look closely, there’s a Union Jack under the US flag.

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I chose the screen name I did because it’s the same one I have on another Q&A site. I decided to use it when I was 16 on that site because I wanted to be “anonymous”, but I didn’t want to be mistaken for a guy. No matter how many times I changed my screen name on that site, this username stuck and has defined me in a way. I decided to come here after hearing about this site on that site, so it made sense to use the same username here so that the people who came here from there could recognize me.

The avatar I have chosen is simply the one I liked the best out of the default ones offered here.

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