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Did you know the U.S. Government has posted official responses to many top conspiracy theories?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) June 4th, 2010 from iPhone

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Are you surprised? What do you think about the government’s decision to address these theories? Do you think they’ve made convincing cases?

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Do they all involve weather balloons?
No wait, I mean swamp gas.

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I think that’s a great idea. There are a lot of crazies that see conspiracies everywhere.
Do a test. Pick a topic and then say I heard that xyz…. why do you think that is? They will come up with a perfectly logical explaination about how the government is doing it. Ask the question a couple of days later, only change xyz to abc. They will have an ecplanation for that too.
Reminds me of the stock market reports and how prices went up on positive bond news from Bulgaria . Or prices went down on positive bond news from in Bulgaria because investors expected more. Clearly a conspiracy.

If the Government was so powerful, I wouldn’t be able to tell you about th…............

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Amusing waste of resources. Any government statement, other than an outright admission of guilt, wouldn’t be believed by conspiracy fans.

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Yes, and yes.

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@kevbo I think you should apply for a job there.

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Yes, it is worthwhile to put the truth out to refute lies and ravings of overly “creative” minds. Will it do anything to shut down the tinfoil hat crowd? Absolutely not. Any evidence refuting their pet conspiracy theory is only seen as additional proof they were right all along, and the refutation is just the conspiracists trying to cover their tracks. Once circular logic like that kicks in, the more illogical their initial premise is, the more self reinforcing it becomes. Apparently tinfoil hats protect their wearers from only one thing, the truth that really is out there.

But putting the facts out there to dispute the wild rantings of the lunatic fringe helps protect rational people from getting drawn into their web of imaginary intrigues. Maybe it will eventually help society lose interest in some of the more popular authors who exploit the popular conspiracy theories to make a fortune on novels based on them. That should be a positive thing for society and the quality of reading material making it to the NYT Best Seller List.

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Kevin, I love you for this.

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