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Should i break up wtih my girlfriend

Asked by anonymous (5points) March 16th, 2008

We have been together for almost 7 months, she was a dick the first few but now she is perfect. but i cant forget the dickyness of the first few months and it really fucks with me. we always fight because we are both over jealous and i find myself always checking out other girls and thinking about talking to them and maybe trying to hang out wtih them.

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if she is perfect now, why would you want to?

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If you’re asking a website.. i’d say yes.

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like we contstantly fight about old things, thats the only reason were not perfect

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people fight. learn how to resolve them.

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LOL easy one. Stick with her unless you find her jealously driving you nuts (like if you always have to check with her if its ok for you to go out with friends). Every relationships has arguments. So work it out

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if you find another girl go for iy

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It depends on whether you really want to get over the past or not. If you resolve yourself to solve any problems you two had in the past and then completely get over it and never bring it up again, you two can stay together. But if you are actually unable to forgive and forget, you might as well move on. One way you can test yourself to see if you will ever get over what happened is to ask yourself – am I less upset about this now than I was when it first happened? Am I less upset about it now than I was a month ago?

If you find that the answer is yes, and your feelings about it are subsiding, then there’s a good chance you can work it out.

You should also ask yourself why it is that you want to hang out with other girls. Is it to get back at your girlfriend and make her jealous? If so, that’s immature and you should either break up or cut it out. Or is it because some need of yours isn’t getting met? If so, you should bring that up with your girlfriend and talk about how you can both be more satisfied with the relationship.

Good luck.

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if youre unhappy in any way, then make sure she knows it so you two can work things out. if you guys just keep breaking up and then going out…then somethings not working..especially if you have to “check in” to see if you can hangout with certain people…weird…controlling much james?? :)

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really think about what your giving up. I once broke up with a girl who had little things about here I didn’t like. I regret it till this day. Really re-thing what ur giving up is all I’m saying.

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think 4 urself. Omg, get a life. Ps: delirium is right on the $

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come on people. telling people on an answers site that they don’t deserve an answer is just silly. :p

so it sounds like you might want to consider it if she’s really not making you happy in a sense. your relationship should be about getting along, being happy all the time and whatnot (especially at a younger age). don’t waste your time dwelling on the past.

but if you can’t help it, then maybe it wasn’t meant to be. i did the same thing, but opposite. my gf was awesome and then it just kinda went downhill. i have a feeling it might’ve gotten a lil’ better, but i didn’t see much reason to perpetuate an already going downhill thing.

look into where your relationship might be heading and make a decision. hope that helps. :D

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I didn’t read anything positive in your description of your relationship with her. You say she wasn’t so good at the beginning, and now you desire other girls and the two of you fight a lot. This one seems to be a no brainer. Break up.

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eadinad nailed it. I’m curious as to how old you guys are, though. It sounds like the relationship was built on a rocky foundation to begin with and it also sounds like you’re using the word “perfect” very liberally. If you’re checking out other girls and considering being with them, you’re not being fair to your girlfriend and you should either discuss that or break it off.

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Why break up? Just cheat on her till you figure out what you want to ” officially ” do.

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Make a private list of the things of all the mistakes YOU’VE made in the relationship, including the things you think she doesn’t know about. Look at how you could take responsibility for improving what you’ve done. Once that’s done, see if you still want to end it.

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If you need to ask Fluther, the relationship probably isn’t as perfect as you think it is. Beyond that, my ESP is dialed up to 11 today, and so surveying the situation, I vote yes.

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ages are 18 and 16

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youre a senior, shes a sophomore? im guessing shes not letting you do all the fun stuff you wanna do before you graduate?? like…partyin…hanging out with other friends…looking at colleges AWAY from home…sounds like shes a lil “too” attatched and set on your “future” together..shouldnt people be thinking about this stuff in their 20’s?? & if youre checking out other girls then shes certainly not giving you something you need.

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bkini: im 20 and i dont think about the future like that. im still young and i want to live it up while i can. im still in the party stage i guess.

i say dump her. especially if youre already checking out other girls. youre obviously not interested in her like you were. in my opinion life is about moving forward.. and it sounds like shes just holding you back.

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ok where to start. First of all relationships are not something you can shake an 8 ball and get an answer about. You are clearly not ready for a serious relationship. The fact that of both your ages makes that pretty much of a no-brainer, not that people can’t fall in love and make a relationship work at a young age but it is SO much harder.
It sounds like you need to break up but I would be concerned about where the relationship is right now. Even if you are going to break up you need to be respectful of her feelings and be aware in the future about the whole jealousy issue. If you don’t have trust you don’t have anything – it has to be there on both sides or you may as well hang it up.
If you ever end up in it for the long haul, be aware that there may be long periods of time where it isn’t all candy and roses and romance. Sometimes you make it just because you DECIDE to make it and things cycle and come back around again.
Good luck to you both.

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