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How to find and suggestions for affordable personal retreats?

Asked by jerry12 (2points) June 5th, 2010

What are the best ways to identify affordable accommodations for personal retreats in nature? Any suggestions?
Ideally seeking affordable cabin anywhere in America for under $50 a night, or room with private bath and meals for under $75, and lower weekly rates. Prefer self-guided spiritual retreat with voluntary or no programs and peaceful natural setting for yoga, meditation, and creative inspiration. Please offer suggestions with website links to check them out.

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I had a business trip to Charleston SC. Someone tried to book me into an airport hotel for $125/night. Instead I found a tiny cottage with a garden, 100 yds from the beach, $79/night.

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Go camping in your local national forest. Your expenses will be limited to your gear.

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State parks are good for this, at least the ones in the SE. I’ve stayed in cabins in many state parks. This type retreat is also available at some monasteries. You should be able to find them with a search engine.

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The SF Zen Center has a beautiful and bucolic retreat center (Green Gulch) in Marin county, with gardens and an easy walk to the beach in a cove.

I do not know about the private bathroom.

Here’s an example of the accommodations available at Green Gulch.

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Try and; boht are on the East Coast.

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Ooh. Kripalu is one of my neighbors. It is a lovely and popular place, but there are only two private rooms (that are set up like Motel 6) and bunk dormitories with double-decker bunks that probably sleep twenty, if filled. One for men and one for women.

Many people come for the day or part of the day.

There are dozens of programs and activities during the summer; the place buzzes like a hive.

There are calming ones, like massages and meditation but there is also a group jazz exercise at mid-day where anyone can join in and throw himself around the room.

There is also “Tanglewood,” within easy walking. 20,000 or so people attend the concerts since the lawn is large and the tickets are cheap. The traffic is something else.

I have read the Omega material. I’m not sure you can stay there without participating in one of the workshops. But it too is in a beautiful setting. Everything costs a little more, however.

@janbb: Your link take me to the Omega camera site. This is for the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

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There are many variables, have you looked at Retreat Finder ?

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@gailcalled I wondered if Omega was a .org but was too tired/hot/busy to check it out. Thanks for the correct info.

I think Kripalu now has a whole wing of “fancier” rooms if I’m not mistaken and it does certainly provide for personal R&R retreats.

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@janbb: Re: Kripalu. I drive by it to and from my mother’s rehab three-four times weekly. I should pop my head in and have a look. I do remember when the new wing was being built, now that I think of it.

It’s also.

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Come to my house.

5 acres of woods, creek, near a premiere river, hot tub, temple gong and fresh from the plantations of Taiwan, the worlds best tea, courtesy of a Taiwanese friends Tea plantation.

Where do you live…lets trade houses. lol

You just have to feed my geese and watch the cats. hahaha

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Word of mouth on websites like this is a great way. I just stayed at a great spot in AZ with VERY reasonable rates, quiet comfortable cabins and a lovely nature setting. Check out the website:

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