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If you could have been in one band or toured with any solo artist, who, which & why would that be?

Asked by ucme (50031points) June 5th, 2010

Depending of course how much you love & are into your music.Let’s say the dice were thrown & came up differently & you had the oppurtunity to be in or part of the music business.Imagination & hypothesis, gotta love em.

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I would have loved to have toured with David Bowie. It was the best concert I have ever seen. It was his “Diamond Dog” tour, if I remember correctly damn those ‘shooms and he was in his Ziggy alter ego with full makeup. What a wild and crazy life I imagine he lead then. Ah, those were the days.

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I would have loved to meet Freddie Mercury and toured with Queen.

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The Beatles, because I think they were very powerful influences on the culture of their day, both artistically and politically. I would love to have some of my questions answered. I also think it would have been exciting to be in the middle of the experience they created, and to be exposed to some of the very interesting people they knew.

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My ultimate band? The Beatles, no contest, hands-down. They were a major influence in my life on all levels. They really weren’t just “a band”. They ushered in a movement.

My now desire? The Roches. :)

Solo artist? Joni Mitchell or Nanci Griffith

(Call me,girls, I’m available.)

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David Bowie. Then and now.

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I share @marinelife‘s answer, Freddie Mercury was one of a kind, his voice is other worldly. I would have sold a little piece of my soul to have spent one day in the life of this man.

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Would have to say Joy Division/ New Order. Eatchin the archive footage from the early 80s and New Orders tour of The States just makes me wanna be there when it all kicked off :-)

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I would say Lady Gaga, it would be one wild and crazy ride!

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Die Ärzte. Because they are the best band in the entire world.

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Blue Öyster Cult.

I’d be the one playing cowbell. ;)

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The Turtles, they went to my Jr High and High School. Flo and Eddie are still doing gigs.

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of course, the Grateful Dead and Miles Davis

and bruce Hornsby. I really want to play clarinet with him.

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Frank Sinatra.

For the drinks and the kicks, baby!

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I wouldn’t want to have toured with them, per se, but it would have been amazing to have been in India with the Beatles. Dylan was there. So were Jagger, Donovan, and a couple Beach Boys.

maybe they could introduce me to Dewey Cox

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The Moody Blues, pre-1974. They made some seriously otherworldly music. Mike Pinder would have liked the help assembling that cranky Mellotron.

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B.B. King. He’s so cuddly and lovable and I love the blues.

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Back when I was still playing the piano, I would have loved to tour with Billy Joel. (I’d still like to; I just haven’t touched a piano in years…)

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Meat Loaf’s band, The Neverland Express are incredible especially with Patti Russo on vocals, never mind wanting to tour with her I want to be her!

I also would die to be on Lady Gaga’s current tour, the concert I went to last week was stunning.

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Linda Rondstadt in the ‘70s. We would have most definitely would have made great music and been fantastic lovers!

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I played guitar for over 30 years and my style was influenced by Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Johnny Winter, and rock-oriented classical music.

I would like to have played with Bob Dylan or the Stones.

Dylan was bummed out when Mike Bloomfield left his band and I would have been glad to have taken his place. I would love to have added some really passionate instrumental improvisation to “Blonde on Blonde”.

However, I think I would have left Dylan when he went country, or maybe he would have let me go because maybe I wouldn’t have been as good as I thought I would be. :-p

The Stones have always had great rhythm guitar but lead guitar seems to have been a secondary consideration for them. I would love to have added that extra dimension. It would have been somewhat like Hendrix or Winter playing lead for them.

A lot of the time when I listen to a Stones tune (e.g., “Start Me Up”) I’ll add my own imaginary lead guitar riffs to a good portion of the track.
If I played with the Stones, I don’t think I’d ever leave them.

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Steve Morse hands down as he is the greatest solo guitarist artist performer ever!! Incredible band of some of the best musicians and he is especially great on acoustic.

Here is some tasteee ripping licks too!

I would watch him play everyday if I could!!

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