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What would you do if you were rich?

Asked by Spargett (5395points) July 30th, 2007

Wear a new pair of socks every day.
Pay someone to pick out each pomegranate seed into a giant bowl I could eat by the handful.
Leave expensive things laying around public places like coffee shops, etc. (like laptops, iPods, cameras) to see how often it would really get stolen.
I'd build a complex catwalk/tunnel system that ran along the walls/ceilings for my cat Icarus.
I'd eat cherries year round.
Pay someone to clean my guns every time I go shooting.
I'd find a heavily addicted addict, and make them a deal... if they could stay clean for one year (with mandatory testing), I'd give them $100,000. Just to see how much personal motivation really comes into play with conquering addiction.
I'd buy my girlfriend a sloth.
I would design a house from the ground up. Every single room, every single detail. And it would all be "green".
I would build one, kick-ass adult tree house.
I'd use the money to fight creationism being taught in public schools.
I'd buy some vintage Land Rovers, and have them restored to their original perfect state.
I'd have lots of bonzais.
I'd purchase pieces of the rain forest.
I would get $1,000 worth of $1 bills, and see if any of the bills had consecutive serial numbers, then I could reunite them as long lost brothers.
I would have a planetarium in my house.
Buy an ultra-light plane... fly it over the desert.
I would live off the interest.
Have a pack of Irish Wolfhounds.
And in the wise words of Lawrence from Office space... "I'd do two chicks at once".

Now the real question is, what would YOU do?

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Buy a nice house, put a bunch away for my kid's education, and then travel to every single place in the world.

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travel to all over the world , I will buy the plays that I work so I can put the owners to work hehe and guide some money to the family

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Buy a cart for my dog, buy a house, get an efficient car, donate money to the local library and to my favorite no-kill shelter, buy my mom a computer, get a freezer and stock up on food, upgrade my blog, buy a digital camera and ink for my printer, send small gifts to a couple of online friends, trick out my bicycle, buy a new vacuum cleaner, and pay some taxes.

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Set my family up for good. Lavish gifts for my dear friends, then travel, travel, travel.

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I'd pay someone to clean my gums every time I eat, pay off mortgage, hire a cook, turn my 19 acres of woodland and brambles into a forest conservancy, give money to the younger generation in family, donate lots to the charities that are trying to save the planet, send Lawrence from Office to rehab and congratulate Spargett for a good question and wonderful answers except for his last one. How many women extant still love to be called "chicks?" Vote early and often.

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I'd make a film.

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Donations to Make a Wish Foundation, nephews and nieces college funds, our kid(s) trust funds, pamper our parents, pay off our house mortgage, invest - live off interest and travel.

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If I was this rich person Rich (who btw seems to have a ton of time on his hands) I am not sure what I would do as I would be him and not me.

SO...I guess I would do what Rich does....

But if I was Rich would Rich me and if he was not, would I even exist...

or maybe I'd just Fluther.....

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I wouldn't be. I'd get my house paid off and donate the rest. Money changes people and I'm not gonna be an asshole with it. I'd donate significant amounts to charities/organizations..maybe start a small web-design firm.

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I am rich and here's what I did about it (my life started out different). I educated other
people's children. I sent people on trips. I go on trips and when I get there I send
kids I meet to school. I forgave my husband for quitting the graduate program I was paying for. Because he decided to quit school instead of finishing it and getting work, I quit my own job so I would be able to maintain the forgiveness. I fixed up our house some. I bought a cat instead of getting one at the pound. Then I got the breeder to let me have his sister for free. I bought a loft in a nice building in a nearby city and spent three years living as if I were young and alone and more committed to the art I do than I ever really was. I might go back but right now I'm on leave.
I fly to New York occasionally for a day or two to go to museum shows.

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Take care of those I love, first and foremost.
Travel to ancient sites and natural wonders... who knows how much longer they'll be around?
Set up a foundation that buys houses and renovates them into energy efficient homes and sell them to the "working poor" who make too much to qualify for most social programs (governmental or private) but who barely make enough to scrape by. Prices would be determined on a sliding-scale basis.
Set up a foundation to but empty lots and leave them empty (I've watched too many of the woods I played in as a kid get decimated).
Get a head-to-toe spa service once a month, and hire a personal trainer to get me in shape.

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As I stated in another post, “Rich is a state of mind; wealth is how much money you have.”

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I’d give a chunk to charity, a chunk to family and a few close friends, I’d stash away another chunk in very secure banks and buy some gold and bury it somewhere in case I ever get into trouble with the law or spend the rest of it on a drunken bender, invest some in stocks and shares
and then once I’d done all that I’d buy a good pair of boots and a decent camera and spend a couple of years travelling about, probably dressed as a bum, until I found somewhere I’d like to live

or I might not, I might just keep going

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I would buy a mansion. Then I’d travel the world.

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I’d be a traveler, and live all around the world. After about a year or two of non-stop traveling, I’d settle down in England and start a family. All of this, after college of course.

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Two chicks at the same time.

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^^; lucky them

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Make everyone I meet a little happier. And a cruise for me.

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move out of ny and go to asia somewhere

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I would travel through the world, visit all beautiful places and then I would buy me a really nice cottage somewhere on an island.

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I would start my own science foundation and use it to make documentaries for my own television station. I would eat meat every day. I would never go hungry again.

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