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Why is my face so oily?

Asked by kb12345 (429points) March 19th, 2011

For the past 10 months my face has been more oily then ever before. I wash my face once a day with a strong face wash and a whip/pad that also is very strong. Every time I take a picture my smile/face comes out good and the picture is nice but my face is SO oily that it is the first thing noticed. The main spots are my chin, cheek area(mainly upper cheek, a little below my eye area) and in between my eyebrows/forehead. I understand this is my ‘T-Zone’ prone to extra oil, but mine is a lot more then others I have noticed! Has anyone found any home made remedies or products I could buy/ get from the derm? Thanks so much everyone!

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Try laying off of the harsh cleansers for a while. Sometimes those things will strip your skin so badly, that your body will produce extra oil to compensate for what is being washed away. You may find that you are causing the opposite result that you want by overwashing your face.

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sometimes your skin gets worst the more fancey cleanser you use. At least in my experience. Try just soap and water.

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Try a moisturizer. The harsh cleaners are probably drying your skin out, so your body is making extra oil to compensate.

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a strong facial wash won’t help it will make your skin dry and sometimes it make your skin oily as you said. try using a moisturiser that won’t harm your skin, i use pond’s facial wash and pond,s cream..

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I’d wash my face with mild soap and water and use a light moisturiser. I had the same problem a while back and I find the less products I use, the better. I switched to mineral foundation as well. I found it helped.

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You shouldn’t need to wash your face with anymore than soap – if you’re acne-prone, use a non-comedogenic soap, perhaps even in lieu of shaving cream (if you’re a guy). If you still need an acne cleanser, I think the most benzoyl peroxide a person should generally take, without being advised otherwise by a dermatologist, is a 10% wash in the shower, and you probably shouldn’t do that anymore than you shower otherwise.

As for oily skin, I would suspect diet or lack of exercise to be factors. If you’re a teenager, maybe it’s naturally oily at this stage in your life, but you might want to lay off junky foods. use an exercise bike or something to get a good cardio workout – it exfoliates your skin. (And make sure to not replace junk foods with other junk. Many ostensibly healthy foods are still schitt.)

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Lack of exercise is not the problem. I work out everyday, mostly cardio. I do sometimes eat bad foods but for the most part I try and eat healthy! I have tried everything food wise. @stardust what did the mineral foundation do and is there a specific type/brand you recommend?

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What do you call healthy? And how old are you?

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I am 18 and I don’t think this is puberty since I started that around age twelve. All of my friends don’t have this problem so I am just wondering what’s up. I consider running everyday healthy and good hearty meals.

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If it’s so bad it’s bothersome, I’d bite the bullet and see a dermatologist.

Less good idea: you could try speaking to a nutritionist. There definitely seems to be a correlation between what you eat and how oily your skin gets. But some people do seem to just have naturally oily skin too (especially at your age).

Less good still: If you’re not getting acne, it could probably be largely controlled with a non-comedogenic soap. And if that doesn’t work, maybe try a 10% benzoyl peroxide soap (there are usually some found at drug stores). These are used for fighting acne, but should reduce oil gland output too. However, this is really segueing into the “not recommended” use of the product. Other than dryness, I don’t see what harm it would cause though.

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Yeah I have a 5% wash that seems to work really well for a few hours. As they day/night goes on I start to get shiny! I have gotten those oil absorbing whips but those barely work. I am starting to give up on this but it is still so annoying! There are a few dates coming up in May that I will be in a lot of pictures and I am scared this oil will take away from everything else! :-(

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