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If there is a tie in a division in baseball, how do they determine who is listed first in the standings?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4938points) June 5th, 2010

For example, the Red Sox and Blue Jays are currently tied in the AL East. The Blue Jays are listed first in the standings. Yesterday, both teams were tied, and the Sox were listed first.

Is there any rhyme or reason as to the order of tied teams?

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This should have all the information you are looking for. I was going to try to type in the highlights, but the webpage just has too much info for that. Hope this helps out.

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@noodlehead710 Thanks for the link. That’s for the end of the season resolution… I’m interested in regular season games. I do appreciate the help though.

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If the teams have identical records, I would say alphabetical order. If not, they may list by better head to head record. If the two (or more) teams have the same GB, but the records are not identical, it would be by winning pct. If the winning percentage was the same, it should be by what team is ahead in the loss column. That is ultimately the column that counts in the end.

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On, it’s alphabetical (by city name). On any other resource, it’s up to that resource to decide. For example, at the start of the season, when every team was 0–0, the scoreboard at the bottom left of the Monster at Fenway had Boston at the top, and then the other four in alphabetical order.

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i know that at the end of a season if two or more teams are tied they play a single tie breaker game the one that wins goes the the playoffs i know this isnt what you are asking but i thought i went along the same lines

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I would say that during the season if the teams are tied in their division then the listing of them would be a bit more arbitrary. It would depend on where you’re getting your information from. if it’s in a local paper,consider if the paper is playing to one or the other of the teams fan bases (ie if boston and the jays are tied in a boston paper the red sox would more likely be listed first and if in toronto the Jays would be listed first). if they are tied it doesn’t mater who is really first so papers, and websites will often just put whatever team first that they think will get the best response, or some editor might have gotten lazy or bored and switched them around lol.

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