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How early should I arrive at Yankee Stadium to get into Monument Park?

Asked by MrItty (17371points) June 7th, 2010

I’m going to the Yankees game this Saturday. It starts at 1:05pm. How early should I arrive at the Stadium in order to have a decent chance of getting into Monument Park before the game? The last game I went to (about two years ago), by the time I got there, still well before the gates opened, they’d already closed off the line to get in…

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Well, you should DEFINITELY arrive VERY early, because you should know that it will be crowded with millions of people. So I think you should plan on waking up early, and arriving extremely early so you would be from the first to enter without getting ushered in or pushed around from swarms of people. Hope this helps!

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The gates don’t open until 2 hours before the game so even if you were there camping out you couldn’t get in. once you get in at 11, just head straight for it no stopping or picture taking the line fills up. I would also suggest the Yankee Museum, its really cool and many people miss it.

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@blondie411 I’m not saying I could get in by showing up early. I’m saying that the line to get in to Monument Park was closed off by the time I arrived at the Stadium, which was still before the gates were open. So I’m asking if anyone knows approximately when the line usually reaches capacity.

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