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How do you feel when your favourite sports team is doing awful?

Asked by hug_of_war (10725points) April 18th, 2009

Watching the yankees suck so badly to the indians is like watching my non-existant child doing poorly and I can’t help them. I’ve loved them since I was 8, and I desperately want them to be the yankees who you could never count out.

How do you feel when your team sucks? Do you feel hopeless that they’ll be able to turn it around?

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I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan… I get frustrated during the game when they blow it, but I get over it quickly.

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When my Broncos have a crappy season I get a little frustrated..just as long as they monkey stomp the Raiders, Chiefs and Patriots. :)

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I don’t mind too much.. but then again.. they’ve pretty much always sucked.. so any small victory is a triumphant day. Go Cubs.

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I only watch football. If my team does terrible, it’s a long time until the next season starts, so it can be pretty depressing. Luckily I’m a Bronco fan (since 1987) and they have had some great seasons.

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@FGS I was typing when you answered. Go Broncos! I hate the Patriots.

Sorry for the double post.

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i’m a chicago cubs fan. been one for over 30 years. we just keep hoping.

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I watched the (Edmonton) Oilers trade away their future, not make the playoffs a few years in a row and scapegoat half the players off the team. Now there’s a new owner and the only thing that seems to have changed is who’s getting paid. The bad times make me question what the motives of all the sports leagues are. When the greed of people interfere with the culture of the game, I lose much interest…............. All anyone cares about is their TV contract. Like the oilers who have to retire a player each night to keep people watching. Or the cowboys : “terryl go be a jackass, we need ratings”...

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@jonsblond As long as you’re an official “Raider Hater” I can overlook the double post ;)

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@FGS Of course I am. Especially when Romanowski became one of them.

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@jonsblond and @FGS : I also hate the patriots. I actively root against them..

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As a resident of Pittsburgh, I feel all of our sports teams are pretty well rounded. (With the exception of the Pirates)

Whenever the Steelers or Penguins lose though, I just say to myself, “Well Aaron, at least you’re not rooting for the Detroit Lions.”

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@jonsblond Dirty bastard…cheatin’ ass bitches…I HATE the Raiders

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@hug_of_war It sucks that Kelly is a true Pats fan :(

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@FGS My husband is a Packer fan. You should have seen us during that Super Bowl. Every 10 min. one of us was jumping out of our seat. That was the best Super Bowl ever (for me).

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I’m from Philly, we’re used to disappointment. It was a giant holiday when the Phillies won…literally all of Philadelphia shut down. We react just as poorly when our teams lose. Thats why there’s a jail in the stadium.

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@jonsblond OMG BY FAR that was such an awesome game!! The neighborhood went nuts when they won!!

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I’m a San Francisco Giants fan.

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I’m actually pleased about it, because it means the fair-weather fans lose interest.

Only the people who were Red Sox fans in 1986 really understand what 2004 meant.

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I just watched the San Jose Sharks post the best record in the NHL and proceed to lose game one of the playoffs 0–2 to the #8 seed Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

I don’t get that stressed out when my teams don’t perform well. Maybe it’s because I’m used to Bay Area sports teams playing horribly for the last 8 years (Raiders, A’s, Warriors) but I am surely disappointed when it happens. I usually call a friend and complain for a short period, have a beer and move on with life.

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@FGS Say how’s your head coach and quarterback situation going over there in Denver?

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Saints. I’m happy if they go 8–8.

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@kevbo As a Raider fan, I miss the 8–8 seasons.

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Like crap! I watched two games today of my sons varsity baseball team get beat in every which way possible.
But it was still sunny and beautiful and the hot dogs were really pretty good.

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I am a chiefs fan. Hell, If we hit 8–8 its as if we won the superbowl to my friends and i. and if they make the playoffs, well we party pretty damn hard… (2005 was just epic. Thank you bronco’s for choking in ot to the 49ers) But in all actuallity, as long as we do better than the raiders, I am happy. Damn raiders… thats the funnest game to be at. Make the Trip every year. Everytime you see oakland fans being escorted/carried out of arrowhead stadium for starting fights.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic That’s a shame…you seemed like a great guy ;)

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@FGS oh cmon now, this is par for the course! The season is more fun because of the Broncos. As for the lousy Patriots, they can go and do something I’m far too much of a gentleman to describe in mixed company. Tuck rule… bah!

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As for the question, the SJ Sharks are playing terrible in the first round of the playoffs for a team that has the best record in the league. This sucks!

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The particular yanks game in question caused me to sit in front of my screen and try and remind myself a number of times that it’s “early in the season”. **sigh**

oh all you Pat haters, i’m depressed. What did they ever do to you?

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@adreamofautumn They beat the Broncos in the playoffs one too many times. :(

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@jonsblond fair enough. I have a hatred (sometimes an unreasonable one) for quite a few sports teams.

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I continue to cheer them on. Red Sox fan to the end. I’m all about the game though. I could watch any team play (except the yankees) because I love baseball that much (hate the yankees more though). I feel that if you say you’re a fan you should support your team through thick and thin.

Go Sox!

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