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Is there a way to stream Apple's WWDC today LIVE?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) June 7th, 2010 from iPhone

it starts at 1pm Eastern time and they usually post it online hours or days after the keynote, and I know apple doesn’t offer a stream on it’s website. is there another site where I can stream the event live?

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There is no live video, but some sites will be giving a play-by-play. Try this one.

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If smartphones aren’t prohibited from the event, I can pretty much guarantee several people will stream it on their own devices. Try doing a twitter search for “ustream” or wwdc when it starts. See what happens.

arpinum's avatar will have running commentary on what Steve is talking about. Starts 15min before 1pm EDT.

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@gtreyger well there goes my answer then. Though I do think there’s a touch of irony if Apple is actually banning iPhones from the event….

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@MrItty Well, they do allow iPhones in, but, since the keynote is copyrighted, Apple will come down on the offenders with all its might. Not a good place for offender. :-)

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There is no live stream and I’d be surprised if anyone with a smartphone can get even a text message out of there. The cell tower is probably 100% overloaded. Try these: (fast, comprehensive and great text) (good photos)

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