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Why do old people always get stereotyped?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) June 7th, 2010

Alot of kids at my school always say bad things about old people, like they’re slow, they shake, they’re forgetful, they’re lazy, they can’t do anything, and they always need help with stuff.

But thats a typical kid, but not just kids do it but everyone does. Adults, teens, kids, and even other old people. Why do we stereotype old people.

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Not sure how old you are talking? I don’t stereotype the,. At least not anymore. I don’t know if I ever stereotyped them, but I felt like they were not part of my world kind of. Then I moved to Florida after FL and older people were everywhere. I worked with them, surrounded by them in the grocery store, saw them at the pool, and I realized how wonderful they are to be around. I was in my 20’s so they were very caring and giving, kind of like if I were a granddaughter. They were excellent employees, and if I was in a place of business the older people generally were a pleasure to work with; smiled, cared about doing things right, understood what good service is. Young people seem to have less of an idea of what exceeding a customers expectations is, but of course not all young people.

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We stereotype everybody.

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Sorry I had so many typos above.

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Cause you’re old.

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I don’t know who started stereotyping, but it’s stupid and is often times wrong when applied to most individuals. So many things are stereotyped and it’s just kinda annoying IMO. (are we allowed to use IMO here?)

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