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How can I get my parents to say yes to a lip piercing?

Asked by AdaliaVW (6points) March 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I have wanted one for the past 2 years now. So I really think it’s time that I finally get one, I’m sick of waiting. My parents said no the first time and now i would like to find out ways that could get them to say yes.

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Its not possible. Just wait it out. Just so you know though, they are a little over rated in my opinion. I have snake bites (two rings on the bottom lip, one on each side). Its true people look at you different when you get it done, at least around where I live anyways, so be ready for that.

But surely if you’ve wanted one for two years, your close to eighteen. Just wait until then and get it done.

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wait wait wait. Your views on whats cool changes drastically from 16 to 18 and 18 to 21 etc. Definitely don’t tick your parents off by sneaking off to have it done. So my advice obviously is to wait. High school will be over before you know it

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just do it! Asking takes all the fun out of it. You kids today have no balls!

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It’s exceptionally painful to take it out, if you have to, I got it done and had to remove it within three days because of my work (Back in the ole’ Starbucks days) ultimately I am glad I did and I would remind them that the lip area heals very fast but remember, you have to keep that ring in your lip for *six months before they can change out the “trainer”

*Some places say 3 but 6 months is the official recommendation

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I’ve been around and around on this one with my parents. It all came down to them that they didn’t like how they look, they think it would make me represent something I’m not, and they don’t want me to harm my body. I took on the first argument with, “That’s you’re opinion, and what I look like doesn’t change who I am.” The second is combined with that response. The third can only be justified by saying the holes are small and trying to get some friends to come over and show how small the holes are and how nicely they heal up. Anyhow, there’s nothing any of us can really tell you that will make them change their minds. I used to have this mindset , like “If I logically argue with my parents they might change their minds!”...not so much, that’s just not how it works.

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I have had a few in my lifetime and the good thing about them is their not permanent.

Thats one point you could bring up.

Make a deal with them such as this:

If I get good grades or do some sort of random labor then may I?

If they agree and you really want it, you will do it.

If they don’t hopefully college/18 is coming REAL soon.

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Do you really need their permission? Is their an age restriction, or are you asking more out of respect/fear?

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“i would like to find out ways that could get them to say yes”

Just move out and pay all of your own bills. Then you will be totally independent!

Good luck on the infections and the rent & food bills.

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@ cardinal lol :)

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Why did your parents say no the first time? If the situation is the same, they’ll say no this time, too. If things have changed, so that their reasons for saying no do not apply any longer, they may say yes.

Without knowing why they said no, we can’t figure out why they might say yes.

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