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Is Shell unleaded gas ethanol free?

Asked by Disc2021 (4488points) June 8th, 2010

I know their V-power gas is ethanol free, but is all of their gas ethanol free? I can’t seem to find a source.

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Probably depends where you are. In Seattle all gas I’ve paid attention to has ethanol.
Edit: Time of year might also be a factor. Not sure of that.

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I live in Memphis and all gas has ethanol. I wish I had a choice.

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UK government is making it law to add ethanol to fuel…would be a good idea except that the entire process of producing ethanol makes it entirely environmentally non beneficial. Not to mention pushes up general food prices.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it reduces mpg’s either.

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Most cars on the road today in the U.S. can run on blends of up to 10% ethanol,[3] and the use of 10% ethanol gasoline is mandated in some U.S. states and cities.

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@Tobotron It does reduce MPG’s, but it depends on what the ethanol is made out of. In Brazil it is sugar cane and that ethanol has much higher mpg’s than what we use in America which is corn based.

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@JLeslie I just think that as the technology stands its pretty pointless, once you’ve put all the oil energy into growing it, then processed it into a usable fuel you might as well just used the oil out of the ground.

But I’m assuming that by at least enforcing this exercise that funding heads its way and we can move to ethanol producing algae which actually makes environmental sense.

In the news recently a laboratory in Newcastle in North England became the first to create a synthetic life form in the form of a bacteria, there hoping to amongst other things make designer primitive lifeforms that for example could provide us with an efficient energy producing goop! :)

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@Tobotron Good way to look at it. I am not very fond of the ethanol lobby here in America. I would love for America to be self sufficient in the fuel and energy area, but I am not much for US subsidies to the corn growers, although I would be fine with putting money into research as you stated above. Ethanol, at least corn ethanol, is corrosive, that is why it is limited to 10% in our fuel, unless a car is specifically made for higher amounts of it. Personally, since my car is not made for ethanol, I rather have non going into my engine.

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At least the US has subsidised fuel prices over in the UK its $1.73 a litre and rising!

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@Tobotron I don’t think we subsidize fuel prices, hmmm, interesting to think about it that way, in fact we pay hefty taxes on fuel, but there are farm subsidies for corn from what I understand so I guess indirectly that is kind of true what you say, although just 10% of our gas/petro is ethanol. I need to read up on it and tink about it some more.

regular unleaded gas is around $2.50 to $3.00 a gallon (American gallon so about 4 liters) now. It has been said that fuel will be kept down this summer, usually in the summer it goes up, because of the oil spill in the gulf.

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Interesting, You know it says Mexico buys refined fuel from the US. Interesting because we buy a huge amount of crude oil from Mexico. They are in the top 3

My husband says that every gas station in Mexico as the same price for gas because it is run by the government. Or, at least when he lived there that is how it was.

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So no one knows whether or not I am buying 100% ethanol free gas if I go to a Shell gas station and buy regular unleaded (87 octane) gasoline?

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The pumps at my station say the gas contains 10% ethanol. What do your pumps say? We don’t think it is by brand, since almost all gas comes from the same place, same distributor, and is sold to all of the different stations. BP probably bought gas from the same place the Shell station accross the street bought it. But possibly it is regional, what city and state do you live in?

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@JLeslie That’s what I thought.

Pennsylvania – I haven’t really checked it out in awhile. To my understanding, though, you can’t get unleaded gas that contains no ethanol but my friends are suggesting otherwise. I can’t seem to find a source that neatly and factually identifies this.

I guess one way to find out is to take a drive over there…

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