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What will i need to bring to have my taxes done?

Asked by subzero666 (12points) March 17th, 2008

im getting my taxes done this week and im not sure what to bring with me. Help

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Depends what you do. If you have a fulltime job, bring your W2. If you do any independent work, bring your 1099 forms. If you sold any stock or made any bank interest, bring the forms which show all that info.

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I would just give them a call. You don’t want to waste your time being unprepared, and they don’t want you to waste their time with you being unprepared.

As rawpixels points out above every situation is different. The person you talk to is best prepared to ask the appropriate questions so you know what you need to bring.

Sometimes a phone call is easier than the Internet.

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Your children and anything else you value. The government wants it all!!!

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I would take two boxes. In one is your financial records which by LAW you have to take. In the other box, take your newspaper, or something similar, with your name on it. When they try to figure your tax, give them the one with the newspaper in it. Beleive me, if you get your body out of bed to go to work for someone else just to earn some fake play money to buy food and stuff to live, WHY would anyone want to say I made an income/profit?? I have not filed an income tax form since 1984 because I have compensation, an equal trade for equal work, no profit/ income, no fileing OR paying.

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Charlie, drop some more knowledge on me. The Man hasnt broken your door down yet?

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