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How to get autographs help!

Asked by mollypop51797 (1425points) June 9th, 2010

It has come to an age where my children have started to want autographs from celebrities and athletes. When I was a little girl, all you had to do was send an LOR and put it in the mail and wait. Now I’ve heard and done a little research, that you have to include an s.a.s.e. inside another envelope. OR a new way for requesting autographs is through the celebrity’s email (obviously for fan mail). I have a couple questions

For handwritten requests:
How big should your envelopes be?
Will the size of your sase become the size of you autographed picture (or whatever it is being signed)?
If your celebrity’s fan mail address is outside of the U.S. which types and how many postage stamps should you include for your envelope and sase?

And for requests via cyberspace:
Where do you find the celebrity’s email?
Could you email the celebrity’s fan club requesting an autograph (I’ve heard though that the fan club might charge you though for an autograph)

Sorry for all the questions!

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Most celebrities are now charging for autograph requests. You can often purchase a ready autographed photo which is a mass produced copy, but for an original, you just about have to be in their presence to insure it is authentic.

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I wrote a letter to John Travolta to get his autograph for a friend. He erplied within a couple of weeks (internationally) with an autographed 5×8.

Most celebrities are on facebook, where anyone can just “write” to them their.

Most celebrities, or at least their agencies, will have their own website, usually where you can just “contact” them there.

I think that if someone wants an autograph, or an autographed picture, then one should make an effort – for the child, it would be part of the learning process and experience. My mom encouraged me when I was a kid: I loved a certain book and wanted to tell the author so. She had me write him a letter, to which he responded in kind. With a whole letter thanking me, and continuing the conversation.

Celebrities are people, too. Some are continuously bombarded daily with requests or autographs in person, and by the unbearable easiness of facebook technology. Would you erply to every single “hit” on your webpage? Would you send a stamped, autographed photo of yourself to everyone who asks for one – especially since they are sold and traded on ebay and the like?

I think a child should think why they genuinely want this signature, put that in writing, and think about what they will do with a signature, or if they are very lucky, a photo, once receiving it.

The rest is details. Why should the person (and they aren’t all super-wealthy, and they don’t all have tons of time on their hands when they are finally home, away from the “set” or “studio”) to write and pay for all kinds of letters to overseas fans.

Send a large, sase A4 envelope, with your child’s handwritten letter. And be very thankful if you get a response.

Good luck.

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