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How do I contact Stephen Colbert?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) September 12th, 2008

The other day, I had the great idea of trying to get Stephen Colbert to speak at my high school graduation.

My first roadblock to such a goal is contacting the man. Does anybody know of some way to make such a thing happen?

I’m looking for whatever advice I can get!

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Through Comedy Central.

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To get a celebrity to speak at any type of public event you normally have to contact either their agent or publicist… a call to Comedy Central may be able to help find that person.

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You can email the webmaster of his website, or, contact his agent, here (though I had trouble getting that site to open).

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Name your school mascot after him. That will get him there.

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just to be realistic though…. Unless he went to your high school or has some other connection to it, getting him as a speaker is going to be difficult. Most of the time celebrities are paid thousands of dollars for speaking engagements. It is a large source of income for many people. That being said… it never hurts to ask.

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You can go online and get tickets (usually for free) to be in his audience! I was looking it up the other day, too bad I’m in California.

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Don’t ever feel too bad you’re in California. I’m always glad I’m here.

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:) Thanks AstroChuck!

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Is Stephen Colbert a relative of the famour movie star Claudette

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i just have a silly question i was gonna ask steve, its been bugging me for a while now. there’s a term he coined meaning “artificial sincerity”. for the life of me, i cant wonder what it is. i was gonna ask him in a quick message, but i’d have to go through agents and bs and it seems a bit silly. so im just gonna ask some fans till i get an answer.
if anyone knows, please post or send an answer to
much appreciated.

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