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Has the traffic on fluther slowed down recently?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) June 10th, 2010

Does it just seem this way because of the different sections now, or is there a way to find out if traffic has slowed down a bit?

I haven’t been using the site as much as I used to, but it does seem a bit slower than usual. Does it feel this way to anyone else?

Wunday asked this back in January, but there have been many changes since that question was asked

Just curious

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Daloon not being here lately cuts down on 50% of the questions alone.

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Maybe just a little bit.

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I was wondering the same, but I have also slowed down a bit so it could just be me.

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I know I’m not on as often as I used to be either. I think maybe things have settled down again after that last flurry in April(?).

I’d noticed Daloon’d gone, but didn’t know if it was couth to ask where he’d disappeared to.

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I recall last year at this time (graduations, vacations, end of school) things slowed down a little. We are still getting a lot of questions if they are combined from all sections.

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It has seemed a little dead to me this past week.

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@Dog I had a feeling that might be one of the reasons it seems slow. Thanks!

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Yeah, I’ve felt this way for the past month or so.

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I’m missing my flights of fluthering….

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The number of active users is basically the same, traffic is up and the number of questions per day is slightly down (although this correlates to the sections we added and (in my view) an increase in quality—which makes sense if quality goes up the number of questions would go down slightly as we reduce the number of lower-quality questions).

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@timtrueman I’m perceiving it differently though – I perceive it both as the number of question being down and the number of low quality questions being up.

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I have to agree with Tim. I like the change. General and Social was a smart thing to do. It was getting crazy before that, remember?

It’s probably the summer thing – plus Daloon and a few others who have left/taking a break.

Plus the influx of newbies is great – but it means more homework and dating questions (read: “lower quality” questions – not that mine are that brilliant).

It’ll get better.

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I’ve been away due to @richardhenry not having his computer and using mine and also because I just flew back to Jersey and I’m just not in the mood.

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Awwww @chels. We missed you terribly. And we are both glad and sorry you are home.

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@Dog Aw <3 I miss you and everyone else lots and lots. The break has been nice. and I’ll be back in England for my birthday next month so.. yay!

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@chels Nuptials in the motherland… awesome!

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@Dog Wedding will be in SF :)

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@Dog Perks ears :D

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