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How would “the most beautiful woman in the world” award be devised?

Asked by ipso (4466points) June 10th, 2010

This is where people jump in with all four claws (tentacles?) with the idea that there is no such thing as “most beautiful”, as the notion changes from moment to moment in a single individual, much less a diverse society.

That’s not the question.

If you were given a job to create a model that quantitatively force-ranked women annually, and ultimately awarded a formal annual prize [accountability], how might one go about it? What kind of an enumerative model or process would you devise, that is – as best can be – fair, straight forward, and accurate? Are there “best practice” examples already of how this is done “right”?

If you turn down the job, your boss (a woman) will simply pass you over and give it to someone far less sensitive and intelligent than yourself.

Will the model hold if we switch to force ranking men?

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Is intelligence/personality allowed as a consideration?
(As I spell intelligence wrong)

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With a rubber band, a c-clamp and a rolling pin.

The rubber band measures facial size. The c-clamp measures breast size. The rolling pin measure body shape. Each implement is finely calibrated according to the views of a random stratified sample of eligible males within the test market worldwide population.

There would be a symmetry measurement, width between eyes, skin smoothness (in natural state).... oh what’s the use?

You know that truism that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” All you can do is run a survey, and even then, most men in the world will disagree.

The truth is, is that if you were to devise such a thing, it would have to be hokum. You have to sell people on the idea that it is measuring the most beautiful woman in the world. Measurements don’t cut it. You need judges. The best judges you can convince people are worth listening to. They’ll pick the woman—like they already do in Miss Universe contests, and that’s how you do it: in the proven way.

But personally, I really, really, really think you should use a rubber band, a c-clamp and a rolling pin.

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@Adirondackwannabe – I don’t know. Let’s isolate just physical beauty to make it even harder for people to accept the job.

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Easy job.

My Mom would be the enumerative model.

Hey, without her involvement in my existence, nothing would really matter. :-)

And, she is one crazy MoFo!

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I couldn’t take the job. If I’m not attracted to the brain the rest is just wasted. Pass.

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Dr. Marquart is on it.

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Thank you @aprilsimnel. Your info lead me to this.

Wow. I’m remembering now an early 80s movie where fashion women got into some kind of futuristic chamber with red lasers that measured their features. I might have seen that once when I was 15yo. Can’t remember the name of it.

It’s an ugly subject – talking about “the most beautiful” person. Why is that? I guess the subject, like an axe, strikes to the core central pillar of the Liberal agenda (what might that be you ask?) – egalitarianism.

(Did I just do that – introduce politics? No. Strike that. I take it all back.)

I just want to know the name of the movie now, not piss anyone off.

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I forgot the Fluther sarcasm tilde™ on the previous sentence. Let me rectify that.


There’s also a BBC documentary on the subject called The Human Face that discusses this issue in detail, hosted by John Cleese.

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