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How can I fill out a PDF form?

Asked by ajl (27points) February 19th, 2007
I've downloaded a job application in PDF form but don't know how/if it's possible to fill out the form so as to submit it by email.
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You'll have to print it out, fill it out, and scan it back in to send it back via email.
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no other way to do it?
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i have filled out forms before without printing them, but i'm not sure if they have to be in some special format.
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some pdf's are in special fill-out-able format. use acrobat reader to open the pdf, and if you can click and type, then it's one of these. if not, you must print and then either scan and email or paper mail.
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If you have a mac you can use PDFLAb. It's a little complicated at first..
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Good to know, thanks.
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that only works for macs though, no equivalent for PCs?
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Couple options:
Adobe Acrobat Standard: ($299, Win/Mac, solid tool)

PDFescape: (online, Windows/Mac, free, pdf editor, has email capability)

PDFtypewriter ($50, Windows only)

PDFill: ($15, Windows only [i think], website looks straight out of 1990)

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