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Is coconut milk and coconut juice the same thing?

Asked by jca (36002points) June 10th, 2010

i want to make Indian rice pudding and one of the ingredients is coconut milk. in the supermarket, i see Coco Lopez in cans, which has sugar mixed with it and is in the drinks section, like it’s for making pina coladas and other drinks. My coworker told me Goya makes coconut milk. Today i look in the Goya section and see Roasted Coconut Juice, which has sugar in it also.

Is coconut juice the same as coconut milk? do you know where i could get unsweetened coconut milk?

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Coconut comes in three liquid forms: Juice, milk and cream of coconut. The juice is a beverage, and is thin, like juice. Coconut milk has the consistency of milk, and sometimes has a solid coconut fat at the top. Cream of coconut is meant to make drinks like pina coladas, and is found with the drink mixers.

I usually find cans of coconut milk amongst the Thai or Indian cooking ingredients at the grocery stores near me. There are a number of companies that make coconut milk, such as Mae Ploy or Taste of Thai. In Thai and Indian dishes, coconut milk is often used in the same manner as chicken broth is in other cuisines.

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coconut “water”, from an unripe coconut.

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Coconut cream and coconut milk are only different in their consistency, and the amount of fat vs water in them. They are usually created by the same process: squeezing the raw meat of mature coconuts.

The term “coconut juice,” on the other hand, often refers to a commercial beverage product created by sweetening coconut water (usually obtained from young coconuts).

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@Molave has it exactly right.I’m proud to be beaten to the answer by a real Filipino, I was only stationed there for a few years. The Asian stores or supermarket sections have the proper coconut milk. Indian, Thai and Philippine brands are best.

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I gave you all good answers. Thanks all for the great info. i am taking myself to the Indian store to see what they have!

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