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Are you amused by Related?

Asked by BellaB (6451points) December 13th, 2016

I haven’t been here very long but I’ve already come to appreciate the Related column and missed it when it disappeared.

This combo recently came up for me:

—Spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast. Odd, you say? Name an odd meal that you’ve had for breakfast?

Can a bearded dragon eat mealworms?

I’m babysitting- How do I help this baby not spit up so much?

When does a child start using cutlery?—

Does what you see in Related ever make you laugh/smile/giggle? Do you go and read the old threads? Do you post in them?

(bring good combos back here if you run into some)

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The first related on this question… How old are you?

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Does she like me?

I’m looking for best alternative/ progressive rock music can you help me to find out ?

My boyfriend hit me last week for the first time in all the time we’ve been together. He swore it was an accident, yet he repeated it today?

Help in chemistry please?

I need braces and some teeth need to be removed. Could you give me some advice please?

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Are you made by jellybeans?

Why don’t tiny birds freeze in the winter?

Where do lobsters live?

what’s the best kind of bread that I should eat but I don’t want any rye bread or Italian bread or French bread I just want the best bread? (I think this one is for you. It’s from Jelly)

What’s your favourite interesting fact about another jelly?

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Recently I saw: “Why is the Internet not self-conscious?” Made me laugh to no end.

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How do you deal with the death of a beloved dog?

How do I train for a 5K race in three weeks?

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Thanks @BellaB for pointing out an endless source of fun. Indeed it’s not just that some questions are hilarious, it’s also that some of the “related” threads have absolutely nothing to see with what they’re supposed to be related to.

@Sneki95 Where do lobsters live? :)))

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@olivier5 – I like to try and guess how the software makes some of the connections. What words triggered the ’‘related’’ label.

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And then there are the offerings from ‘related on jelly’

one question is apparently related to:

Could you tell me something about wheals?

What should you do when your in bed sick?

Tell me three things that piss you off?

Tell me something about ukrainian conflict?


those 4 questions seem to have nothing in common.

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^^ Thanks for pointing it’ll be good timepass..)

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You’ll have similar experience when searching on sites like never know where you’ll end up searching for a thing and keep going to related links..)

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@BellaB I’ve been laughing at some of these “relateds” for years. The keyword links are often really sketchy.

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Anyone want to talk about a great resource for the Syria situation?

Do content writers usually offer discounts for larger volumes to be written?

Why makes highways in California so effin’ special?


I feel like this would make a great improv game. Write a paragraph connecting these themes…

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Are you allowed to ask porn related questions?

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A related question to my current “How would you define populism?” is “What is love?” The algorithms play fast and loose with the relations!

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what is business casual in silicon valley?

Why are GMO’s considered unhealthy?

How does someone with a south indian skin tone get rid of sunburn?

Where is the best smoothie place in Ann Arbor, Michigan?


well, one of them is related


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It’s like they’re related in a redneck “ahh fucked mah sister” kinda way.

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Tells you something about how computers are utterly incapable of understanding human language. “AI” anyone?

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I do all the time to see if there is a nugget of something that has worth in the avalanche of fluff.

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Related to the question about getting rid of bobble headed Ken was:

“What would you do about this unprofessional conduct?”

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@janbb , that would get a GA if it didn’t take a day or so for those to load right now :(

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Related on Jelly today to the Fluther question: “How do you get past regret?” is “What is the price of rutabaga in Russia?”

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Is it worth it to buy a used vehicle and add mods or just buy new?

What two elements are good replacements for Cadmium?

Putting an <IMG…> in a <SPAN> is ok, right?


The common factor in those 3 is a mystery. This really could be a great game if I could figure out how to word it.

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“Is snow clearing after a snow storm an essential service?” is apparently related on Jelly to: “Best cafes in Budapest?”

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