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Hormones or am I just extra lovey-dovey today?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 14th, 2010

“Aunt Helen” is about ready to leave, so, I’m thinking that it could be her…

Today, I’ve been really emotional in a good way. No sad tears. Happy and feeling so much love in my heart (for a number of people). I am really sentimental today and have opened up and allowed myself to feel—all of it.

Hope that this doesn’t make you all gag. :)

Ever had a day like that?

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I’ve definitely had days like that. And I would bet it’s hormones in this case.

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Don’t over analyze openings…just go with them.

The more mind looks for explanations the more you lose the moment.

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As long as you’re happy it doesn’t matter whether it’s hormones or else.

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I had a day like that today. Ellie & Rachel were all pouty & grumpy, & they were just so adorable! I couldn’t stop hugging them!

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“Don’t over analyze openings…just go with them.”

Thanks for that. :)

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I think you’re just having a good day. Doesn’t’ sound like hormones to me. I’d’ve thought a gal gets extra snuggly around “launch day”.

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Embrace and enjoy the moment/day hormones or not.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”—Mother Teresa

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I’ve gotten choked up over a Rice Krispies commercial. Yes I’ve had days like that.

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It’s a combination of hormones, life, stars…all rolled up into 1 bundle of love…..

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Love it! I prefer tp think the stars are in charge. lol

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You might just be changing and maturing ^w^~!

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It would be difficult to say without a hands-on examination. ; )

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Women have an increased libido during their period, because of the extra progesterone their body produces during this time. Maybe you were just feeling horny, and confused it with being lovey-dovey you wanted “it,” but couldn’t have it since your aunt was visiting. :)

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