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Do you find yourself using fluther-speak in daily life sometimes?

Asked by zenele (8257points) June 14th, 2010

It’s been asked and discussed before, I know, but mostly about using fluther-related terms (Jelly, Fluther, Dickpunch, not to mention Babby, frizzer and simply using _ before and after a word to emphasize it) in emails and such.

I’m asking whether you have ever continued a thread into real life, or have adapted terminology from here that has filtered into your speech.

I found myself saying “Oh, Fluther” – when I used to say “Oh, Fuck” – or, when around children, “Oh, Bother”.

Have you had an Oh, Fluther moment?

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No, but then again I speak Spanish most of the day.

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I have absentmindedly typed the emphasis symbols into an eMail and been briefly annoyed it wasn’t working.

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@cprevite I did that on DeviantArt, & it annoyed the hell outta me!

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I may have succumbed to “frizzer” a time or two.

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I’ve inadvertently tried to use textile markup in e-mails. The little F2F communication I do is mostly en francaise.

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I said it some days ago in another thread, but i’ll say it again here: Sometimes, when talking with someone, and the other says something smart or interesting, i want to push the button and give him or her a Great Answer.
But there is no button there…

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yeah, called a guy a “jelly-belly,” and for some reason, he did not like it! loll

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I don’t know about words.@zenele that is just too dorky for me. :-)
Though I can be dorky in other ways.

I find myself communicating to “outside” people the way a relate here.

Sometimes, (usually) not getting the same results. Meaning, I don’t get the same deep thought to things discusses.

I like that “deep thought”.

You peeps are deep.

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Wow, and to carry on where @ChazMaz dropped it off, I generally use HHG euphemisms and stick to things like “Zarking photon” and “Foonting turlingdrome”. I have put deep thought answers here frequently, as 42 seems to just say it all.

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I’ve used Farscape-speech a few times.

“What the frell?!”

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Not yet…

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Yeah, definitely.

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No, not yet.

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I was watching Taken on Saturday and one character punched another in the crotch and I shouted, “dick punch”. My partner looked at me like I was crazy. Then I said, “fluther” and she rolled her eyes. That’s the extent of it, though.

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I would use frizzer if I knew what it meant… and if I spent more time on here which I can’t seem to do at the moment…:-(

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Ha ha! I may or may not have said “Frizzer” in polite company, but I am very guilty of using emphasis code in my RPG forum and on Facebook. It’s really aggravating when it doesn’t work.

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There is a greater chance of Fluther speak when you have more than one person in the house that uses Fluther. I’m sure @Simone_De_Beauvoir can relate.

There has been a time or two when my husband pissed me off and I’ve told him “You are acting like bleepity-bleep!!”. ;)

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Definitely. As @jonsblond says, extra Fluther members in the house increase the likelihood. Since two of my daughters are members, too, it comes up often. Not being able to GA things elsewhere is maddening. @Nimis once said she wanted to start carrying around Post-It notes so she could slap a GA on people’s foreheads!

I also use Fluther’s textile mark-ups everywhere on the web. WHY CAN’T THEY ALL ADAPT, DAMN IT!

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Not yet..but instead of love I say lurve for some reason…

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@XoXoDIExOxO I did that already! XD

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@Draconess25 Yeah once I even told my friend ‘He lurves you’ and she looked at me like I was crazy.

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@tinyfaery: That’s hillarious.

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@anartist more confused than ever…

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@anartist It’s in “General”. That’s the funniest part of the frizzer.

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@lynneblundell fluther was a bit different then. there are some more treasured old goodies like this one

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ahhhhh thank you that was a revelation! xxx

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