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Will using the Nuvaring quick-start method make me skip my period?

Asked by chelle21689 (7907points) June 14th, 2010

My last period was about two weeks ago. I’m visiting my boyfriend in a couple weeks and I want to use Nuvaring ASAP for obvious reasons haha. Will this make me skip my period? Will I spot or will I have it anyways?

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you won’t skip a period, it will be like taking the pill:3 weeks of hormones, one week off. i know some people ‘tweek’ their birth control regimine by skipping pills or starting a pack earlier. not sure how healthy that is for your system, you could ask your OB if you can start the next cycle early, she what he/she has to say. and even if you were prescribed a new birth control method now, you’d probably have to wait until your next cycle to start it, so no help there.

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I wouldn’t recommend the NuvaRing. Someone I know from work’s NuvaRing actually dislodged itself and was roaming before it punctured her lower intestine :/

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That’s a lie trevor! LOL I’ve used Nuvaring for over a year and had no problems.

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You should be fine. You should be ovulating about now.

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I know that in most cases women can safely skip periods with birth control pills for up to 3 months, but I’m not sure how well that would work with the NuvaRing. I would call your doctor and ask them if it’s safe for you to do that or not.

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i’d like to echo that it’s impossible for a nuvaring to (1) dislodge itself—it’s not really ‘lodged’ nor to (2) puncture an intestine—the only place it could go is out of your vagina, and it is a round ring with no pokey properties. (could this happen with an iud? i don’t even think that could happen.)

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