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Assuming reincarnation does exist, how would you like things to be when you drop by next life/time round?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20842points) June 16th, 2010

How would you imagine your life, who/what would you choose to be, did you learn anything from this life that you do not want repeated in the following one?

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Without being so rude as to list out the specifics, I just don’t think I would change anything about this world. It’s that good. I’d be happy with a Replay

To me growing up in the late 70s and 80s was like what everyone said the happy and prosperous American 50’s were supposed to be; Except we got Heavy Metal!!

We lived the peak oil bubble era.

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I would love it exactly as it is now… with the exception that I would like my dogs to stay with me as long as I existed. They don’t live long enough!!

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I think..I’d like to either A – Be a guy just for the experience or B – Redo my life over.

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I would just want it to be easier to get a college degree, money wise, not the actual colleges.

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my thoughts are: first, would do a better job in picking a mate! secondly, would never leave coaching!

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Hm. Well, I’m certainly not electing to come back to Earth unless it’s to a place where religion has been abolished and greed has vanished into the ether. I’d just love to see what life is like in such a world.

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Can I pass and just head off into the void?

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If I can’t compare it, it really does not matter.

But lets have fun with it…

It was all good except, next time, no drugs, no booze, EVER and no sex till 21.

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I grew up as a suburban American, so I’d like to come back as someone from a completely different background, just for the experience.

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I’d just like to remember…can I have that?

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More expressive and confident with myself. Everything else would fall into place.

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I think I will hold off on the return trip till they get rid of this whole mess with death and taxes being the only two certainties.

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