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How is that odd?

It is an Army surplus store. :-)

My dad has a couple of display hand grenades. He likes them.

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I am wondering if the sign was delivering two messages at once. Happy Fathers Day and we have wide hats and hand grenades. seems okay to me.

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It seems okay to me too. I haven’t seen anything odd for Father’s Day, but I also stopped looking. My Father’s Day cards and gifts went out in the mail a while ago.

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I’d like a couple of display hand grenades (of the vintage variety). I think that it’s cool idea.

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There’s a lot of tacky cheezy shit around & you don’t have to look hard to find them.Me I look forward to getting what I always do, breakfast in bed prepared by my fantastic kids & most likely a superdad tee shirt.Whoo Hoo I love being a dad, bring it on.

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I have a hand-grenade lighter.

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@ChazMaz Those are hilarious. Bacon Flavor Popcorn – OMG I want some.

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How about the cursing turtle? lol

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@ChazMaz I really want to get my dad the Fishing Lure Mailbox, but it’s a little out of my price range! Someone down the street has one, and every time I drive by it, I think of my dad!

My husband is getting a huge Nerf dart gun with extra darts and dart clips so he can reload on the run. He’s going to be so happy, as if he needs it to kick our asses when we have Nerf Wars. He’s also getting a framed photo of the kids if I can get all three of them to sit still, keep their eyes open, and smile at the same time.

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I do not think that is a strange gift at all. My dad would love something like that because he loves guns and things. I feel like my dad does a lot for me and I have really never showed him how much i appreciate it. We have really never hugged eachother and I never tell him i love him, we have a weird relationship. But yeah illhave to check out the cursing turtle and things!

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