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Is there anything odd/unusual about your body?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 16th, 2010

Land of the misfit toys

My right arm, a few bones are crossed, so, I am not able to straighten my arm all of the way. Not really all that noticeable, though (there is a slight curve at the elbow when straightened). Actually, no one notices until I point it out. The great thing, though, this allowed me to get out of playing volleyball back in high school. :) I’d go to volley the ball and it would hit the wall beside me (couldn’t volley the ball forward).

What about you?

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Oh dear. This would take all night to explain my body oddities. But it’s been a lot better since they separated my brother and I. Makes dating a bit more enjoyable.

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I have an odd shaped spine that is not noticeable unless you were to look at an x-ray. I also have a retroverted uterus.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Unless, there was a bit of Deliverance going on, if you know what I mean?

(think banjo playing boy..)

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Yes. I have a hydrocele on one testicle, and a heart defect.

sorry, but you asked

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I’m not really sure if this is odd or not. But I’ve got a bony protrusion on both wrists on the pinky side. Is that weird? They’re noticeable, not real subtle.

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My feet; they look distressingly like a penguin’s feet. (I kid you not.)

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@py_sue I have those too.

I also have a bony spot on the back of my head that makes it hard for me to rest my head on a hard surface (like resting my head on the back of a tall chair).

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<slaps penguin’s feet together> :)

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Nothing ever pointed out as far as make or shape. My skin is a bit odd though being light olive with dark freckles and dark pigmented knuckles, elbows and other spots.

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Aside from being still alive two years beyond what I am supposed to be. I feel pretty good. Actually no different than when all this crazy stuff started. much to the dismay of the insurance people

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I have no butt. None. Flat as a pancake. From the waist down, I’m built like a 14 year old boy. (except for the penis, I don’t have one of those.)

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My heart is still beating?!!?

I know for sure down the road I will have a black bar over my eyes in some medical book!!

“Look closely what we have here is a medical miracle…”

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I have a bit of a stummy, but you can see my ribs. My sternum isn’t completely developed. I have HUGE eyes. And 3 pairs of fangs, top & bottom. My molars are also ridiculously sharp. And I have unusually long arms.

Like me to continue?

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Same. Except I have the penis. :) But my butt is pretty damn flat. Although, believe it or not, I think it used to be flatter back in the day… :P

Other than that, I’m double-joined in my right middle finger and I love freaking people out with that. I also have dental fluorosis on some of my front teeth, so it looks like they have bright white stains on them. It’s not as noticeable as I tend to think (or so I’m told). I’m 18 and I really have no visible Adam’s apple or facial hair.

A while ago, I would’ve mentioned freakish smallness as being “odd/unusual”, I don’t think that’s too much of an issue anymore, although I’m still just a small person in general. That’s just the way God made me, as Peggy Hill would say. :)

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Damn. All I can come up with is a small pink birthmark on the back of my neck.

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I have a very visible vein that is shaped like a boot on the inner part of my bicep. The only people who have noticed and commented are medical professionals. I also have “dimples” on my hips. It is not really a dimple, it actually makes my butt look muscular. I have had comments throughout my life on them. Oh, and a beauty mark on the back of one of my thighs, I think it is my left.

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I also still have two baby teeth (my top incisors). They never came out on their own and I don’t feel like going through the pain to have them removed and the adults pulled into place. The adult teeth are still in the roof of my mouth.

My birthmark is light brown on the back of my right thigh and it is shaped like a mouth (like a lipstick imprint from being kissed).

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Ummm, let me think. Oh yeah, my big toe is a little off due to dislocating it while playing soccer in elementary school. Fast forward ??? years later, the foot doctor says I can have the toe cut open, scraped of excess cartiledge (or something like that) and then be subjected to possible arthritis a few years from now if I want it to be straight. Looking at my toe now, it looks just as straight as the other one. No, sorry nothing odd/unusual here.

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I have a tilted uterus as well. And apparently a tilted vagina. Every doctor that does an exam loves to comment on the fact that they can’t get the stupid contraption in because of how I’m shaped. (probably TMI but eh)
I have a freckle on my left nipple. That’s kind of weird.

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I can’t think of anything unique or odd about my body. However, you, @jjmah are a freak. ;)

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Oh, I’ve got bone under my tongue. I made a fluther topic about it a few months ago, I can’t remember what we called it.

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I have tuberous breasts. Which basically means you’d chop a normal, round breast in half, and everything under the nipple isn’t there. makes bra shopping hellacious.

I also have slightly deformed feet. A combination of hereditary bunions and an entire childhood of too-tight shoes left me with very painful, too wide, too short feet. They’re about a size six long, and a 7½ wide. Yay.

I have a mole under my right arm in the shape of a star.

I have chronic dry eye. Meaning, my eyes don’t produce enough tears, unless I’m crying.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right arm. That started during pregnancy.

I used to be allergic to bananas. That stopped during my pregnancy.

I don’t have pierced ears. Which is pretty odd for a 24 year old woman.

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My right arm and leg are longer than my left arm and leg. I have scoliosis. I’m two-toned– a distinct line marks the lighter and darker areas of my limbs. My boobs are bigger than they should be after a breast reduction that didn’t quite take lol, but still very nice. My neck is pretty long (in a good way). I’ve been told that I have a small vagina lol! When I gain weight, I gain evenly all over so you can’t really tell… And my feet are flat =\

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I have so many large moles on my back that it looks like a universe – it is strange because apart from 1 or 2, there are no others on me.

I have strange double jointed knees which are often a fun party trick to break out.

A massive gap between my big toe and next toe down… looks like I am wearing imaginary flip-flops.

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I’m incredibly thin. I’ve met 5 year olds with thicker wrists than mine.
My heart has a broken valve that likes to regurgitate blood.
My kidneys are sideways.
My elbows hyperextend.

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@tinyfaery c’mere and let my smack you with my slightly curved right arm. ;-)

Hey, having a slightly curved arm has it’s benefits, you know. ;-)
I sound like a dude.

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Well, my mother pretty much has the monopoly on weird biological shit in my family. She’s had arthritis since she was 25. This was due to surgery she had on her right kidney because her urethra was wrapped around it. She now has one normal kidney and one shriveled barely functional kidney. She has a toe that broke when she was little and healed wrong, because she didn’t it was a broken, and now it sticks up funny and apparently wears through shoes faster than the rest of her feet. She was infertile but not sterile and it took her about seven years to get pregnant with me.

I suppose I have very large nipples for a woman with breasts my size. At least, that’s what my boyfriend said when I asked him. :)

I also have this stupid little scar on my knee from when I went down on my bike a few years ago. It was a skinned knee and I have a scar many years later! What the hell, body, WHAT THE HELL!

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The lines on my palms are different from each other. Near my fingers I have a line that goes straight across and on the other hand the line starts from a half inch below my finger and shoot across and up. The only other person I’ve ever seen with something like that is my sister. Everyone else seems to have similar palm prints on their left and right.
Oh and I got a tiny hole on the corner in front of my left ear. My mom said it was bigger when I was born. She said the doctor told her that sometimes it is the last part to fully form and would close as I got older. Its just a pin hole thats not really noticable but it never completely closed up.

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I’ve certainly mentioned these things before on here, but here they all are:
Flat-footed, toes that change color with temperature and activity level (either bright red or grayish purple), annular hymen (has been “repaired”), and several missing permanent teeth (also “repaired” with implants). I’m also a redhead but don’t have the very pale skin/freckles. That about covers it.

@Pandora My boyfriend has that ear thing too!

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I got a quite large dark birthmark on my belly skin. Not many people ever see that since I always on my cloth when I’m going outside. And the vein of my body looks visible under my skin. Maybe it’s because I’m skinny.

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I’m very moley.
I have tons of moles all over my body, but instead of having a whole bunch of little birth marks and tiny moles, I have a whole bunch of huge moles that stick out like a freakin’ third nipple.

I also have no butt. I don’t know what happened to it.

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@Pandora My husband has that ear hole thing too. He says it was called a pre oral sinus.

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Oh, I just remembered…I think it’s called transposed teeth. My molar is where my canine should be. And the canine is further back. Dentists love it.

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This is absolutely fascinating. I may have a new favorite Fluther question.

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I have a slightly vagina nose.

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i have fibroids everywhere….arms and leg. upper chest. a thingy outside my left eye.

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All my joints hyper-extend like Harry Houdini’s did.
I have feet with no arches whatsoever.
My two eyes both work but they work independently so I see double at close range and I can’t use binoculars.

FireMadeFlesh's avatar

I am colour-blind.

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

Well ain’t we the Motley Crew. We should all join the circus.

zenele's avatar

Okay okay – I’m also colour-blind.

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

Did your color blindness lead to your vagina nose?

follow your nose!

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

This is not a lie. This is the God’s honest truth. After getting a testy hemorrhoid removed a few years ago, I now shit squares. No lie, I shit perfectly square right angle tubes just like a playdough fun factory with a square template put over the hole. They used to be round, but now they’re square. I shit you not.

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I can pop my hips and shoulders out of place to get out of a martial arts lock, pop them in, and keep going. They have done this all of my life. When I lie on my side, I have to use pillows correctly or I wake up having slept on partially dislocated joints which hurts.

I am kind of color blind in one eye and my eyes are very odd colored.

My left eyelid droops when sleepy and left eye can kind of wander off to the side.

I have a stitch that did not dissolve when I had my wisdom teeth removed in my teens (surgical procedure). I still get bored and twang it.

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Well I have a sticky out belly button, not highly unusual but there you go.Oh & I look stunning in a banana hammock. Unusual in that it’s not the most flattering of garments, but hey if you’ve got the goods you attract attention.Sometimes from the most unexpected sources.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Shitting Bricks? Just like the playdough fun factory? Oh man, gotta love fluther.

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I have a pattern of small moles on the back of my right hand which match the constellation of Orion.

I am also blind in one eye (and not too brilliant in the other one either)

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Coulda sworn I’d already answered this one. O_o

Lessee… I have no arches to my feet whatsoever. My footprints look a bit like duck prints.
I have a single solitary freckle right in the middle of the palm of my right hand.
I’ve broken both of my big toes in such a way that they no longer bend properly. The one on the right has about half the range of motion that I think that it should, whereas Lefty hardly bends at all, and only if I move it with my fingers.

My right shoulder has kinda fallen inward, after years of sleeping on it. I’m doing exercises to work it back into place, but for now it takes a conscious effort (or good posture) for it to stay where I put it.

I can both roll my tongue and wiggle my ears.

One eye sees more red, the other eye sees more blue.

If history is any indicator, I’m far more likely to grievously injure the right-hand side of me than the left. The broken toe is about it for the more sinister side of me. The right side has the broken toe, a puncture scar on the sole of my foot, two burn scars on the arm, two or three scars on the hand, and I’ve broken the No. 5 metacarpal and an unidentified pinky-finger bone.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Aside from the man-made alterations (artificial knee joint, reconstructed shoulder, fused vertebrae), I have abnormally long arms (like a gorilla). When standing at attention, my fingertips almost touch my knees. The repair hardware in my body sets off metal detectors every time.

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I can make my left pinky toe pop every time I bend my toes. I also have a birthmark on my neck that looks like a hickey. I was teased about it throughout middle school.

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@KatawaGrey reminded me that my pinky toe and the toe next it are crooked, or curved on both feet. I get it from my dad.

Also my feet are almost flat. They were very flat when I was little. If a shoe has a lot of arch support it hurts me.

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Freak arm. See the bit of bone protruding at the elbow? That’s as straight as I can get my arm..

The red marks on my arm are because I broke out in hives due to a spider bite on my foot.

This chick is a mess. A mess, I tell you.

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I completely forgot until my boyfriend was playing with it last night! I have this funny little ear flap on my right ear. It extends far enough down that if I was to get an industrial in that ear, you wouldn’t be able to see most of it. My momma calls it my fairy flap.

@jjmah: AHHHHHH! That is a little bit scary… :P

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I would ask for a piccie but, well, that would just be downright shitty.

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The skin between my middle finger and ring finger, on my left hand, is slightly webbed. People never notice it until I point it out, but then they’re like, “Oh, whoa.” When and if I get married my ring is gonna sit slightly crooked.

Dr_Lawrence's avatar

Ah, the wonders of genetic diversity!

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My middle/flipper fingers aren’t straight. The left one leans to the left and the right one leans to the right. When I used to get my nails done it drove my manicurist crazy because the fake nail looked crooked. I broke my left flipper finger a couple months ago and it’s even worse now. I also have an extra bone in each wrist. When I was growing a lot, around 12 years old my wrists hurt so bad I was just reduced to tears at times. Finally the doctor did x rays and said the reason I was having such pain was the extra bones were rubbing together. I haven’t had any more problems with them since I was a kid, but I do seem to have kind of wide wrists.

Draconess25's avatar

@knitfroggy Extra bones? That’s almost the opposite of my problem!

Fly's avatar

I have a Marilyn Monroe-esque birthmark right next to my bellybutton… that’s kind of odd I suppose. I also have HUGE (I’m talking massive) tonsils that never cease to frustrate my doctor. I also have super white, sensitive skin and I have to wear SPF 100, but I still manage to get burned. My the knuckles on my thumbs are also crooked and point towards my hands. My legs and arms a very disproportionate length-wise in comparison to both each other and the rest of my body. I think that’s about it.

Fernspider's avatar

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies – * giggle * – I would literally pay money to see your “bricks”, I realise that that makes me very odd indeed!

knitfroggy's avatar

@Draconess25 Yep. I have an extra bone in each wrist.

Draconess25's avatar

@knitfroggy And I don’t have a complete sternum!

SeventhSense's avatar

Wait…WTF is a vagina nose? Always wet like a dog’s? One big pink nostril?

knitfroggy's avatar

@Draconess25 We have weird bones! Maybe I could loan you my extra wrist bones!

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@SeventhSense I would like to know what, exactly, a vagina nose looks like, too.

Draconess25's avatar

@knitfroggy I lik by odd-sternum-ness!

majorrich's avatar

So that’s not a mole on your forehead?

SeventhSense's avatar

Umm…uhhh…so your nose looks like a cervix? Is it dilated?
Are you “anime”? Sometimes they look like they have vagina noses…or sometimes like they lost their nose. That might be kind of cool.

Draconess25's avatar

@SeventhSense Anime rules! >.< I don’t like noses.

Nullo's avatar

@Draconess25 Then you ought to like this. :D

Draconess25's avatar

@Nullo With or without a nose, he’d look creepy!

Draconess25's avatar

@stranger_in_a_strange_land From the side, it looks all wonky.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Draconess25 From any side I look all wonky.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Not even close. Try a gorilla in overalls, or Uncle Fester.

SeventhSense's avatar

What does the anime community have against noses? I think they all look like fish without them. And you’re probably too young to remember Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing but maybe you saw the flick. Well, after she got a nose job in the nineties she just wasn’t the same girl. In fact she really wasn’t the same girl. Before and After

Sometimes the greatest and most endearing things about someone is what someone might consider “less than ideal”: Like the gap in Lauren Hutton’s teeth, the shape of William H Macy’s head or Blossom’s nose. It’s the differences which really make us beautiful. If you look at the Old Hollywood idols they seemed to embody this. There was Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Montgomery Clift and on and on. But the one thing they all had in common was a lack of commonality. They were completely unique in face and character. It’s like every bimbo who has come along and tried to match the allure of Marilyn Monroe. They just don’t get that it wasn’t her body, her hair, her style or her talk. It was HER. It just showed up on her face, in her walk, her style and demeanor….sigh…There is so much emphasis on conformity of ideals of beauty now that people’s looks are starting to match their vapid personalities in Hollywood. I for one say “Viva Le Difference.”

Draconess25's avatar

@SeventhSense I just feel about noses the same way I feel about feet & body hair. They’re just odd to me.

SeventhSense's avatar

I guess I disagree with you there. I think that every aspect and function of the body is amazing in it’s form and function. Think about it. A two channel nose filters air into a two chambered lung cavity. Cilia on the surface of the nasal passage both filter air and fine capillaries bringing blood to the surface warm this air best suited for the species. Mucus traps contaminants and dust in the air and expels this matter through sneezes and blowing or ingests it to be broken down by stomach acids and excreted. Pure elegance in my opinion.
Now our poor little anime girl is panting for a clean breath of air and probably dies of pneumonia. :)

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Draconess25 We’re all different. What some people consider ugly, others develop fetishes over.

le_inferno's avatar

@SeventhSense If you’re trying to make a case for embracing uniqueness, Rita Hayworth was an incredibly poor choice. She was born Margarita Carmen Cansino, a Hispanic. Hollywood altered her entire identity and appearance to fit the bill of a white bread American. She had her hair dyed, forehead made larger with laser hair removal, skin bleached, name changed. Her “uniqueness” was essentially smothered by Hollywood norms. When stuff like this goes on, I can’t imagine why you’re surprised that girls still try to emulate movie stars.

Nullo's avatar

@SeventhSense People in anime only die when it’s dramatically appropriate. They might get pneumonia, but it’s only lethal if it can advance the plot. :D

Draconess25's avatar

@Nullo Or they could be like Yusuke Urameshi & die multiple times!

FireMadeFlesh's avatar

@SeventhSense You have missed one very important point about the respiratory system. If you breathe through your mouth excessively, your lungs lose surfactant to the air and tend to form vacuums, meaning it takes a huge amount more energy to expand the lungs sufficiently. Our anime girl would be constantly fatigued from the effort of breathing, and her chest would make rasping and gurgling noises. Not very attractive at all.

SeventhSense's avatar

Yes anime beings are ill suited to life on our planet. Godzilla is a treasure in Tokyo of course. And the twins are needed to summon Mothra… Is it just me or have the Japanese been seriously tripping for a long time?

FireMadeFlesh's avatar

@SeventhSense I’ve got no idea. From a cursory look at Japanese game shows, anime and the fact that they make Nissan Tiidas, I think something is seriously wrong with that place.

Granted, they also made the RX-7, Blu-Ray and Samurai swords, so it can’t all be weird.

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