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How was your day today?

Asked by lexiilectric (82points) June 16th, 2010

Just lemme know how your day was. (: I like hearing stories. :D

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I’ve feel like I somehow lost all my brain cells while I slept.

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Bad. Very, very bad. It started out kind of eh, but ended badly. I was supposed to complete some of my clinical hours today, but because of a low census, the nurse I am shadowing got put “on call”. So, I was up at 6am for nothing. I took my son to daycare since I had already arranged the hours and I went for a nice morning walk. Then I went to a friends house. While at her house, we had a torrential down pour with golfball sized hail that caused some flash flooding in our area. I had my windows cracked open about a half inch because it was hot this morning and thanks to all the wind with the rain, my seats were soaked. So once the rain calmed down, I went to pick up my son. Made it to his daycare and then when we got back in the truck, it wouldn’t work properly. I think either some fuses got wet and blew or something major in the electronic stuff got fried from the drive to his daycare. I could start my truck, but none of the controls on the dash (radio, wiper blades, lights, etc) would work. Also, my transmission was stuck in park (the shifter is on the column so that’s why I’m thinking it might be something within the electric stuff in the dash that fried. So then I had to get a ride home. Called the auto shop we use, they might be able to look at it tomorrow afternoon, but if not, definitely Friday. Tried to rent a car, nothing is available until tomorrow. Had my truck towed to the auto shop. Now I’m stuck home with no car until at least tomorrow.

Ohh and with all the excitement of my truck not working properly, I didn’t really look at the hail damage, but my friend said she did see some dents on my truck. :(

Ohh, and I paid the damn truck off last week, so of course something had to happen to it.

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Well I had a good day until my landlord got a bug up his ass because I power washed the cement driveway. I’ve never known anyone to have an issue with me cleaning cement and restoring it to it’s original appearance until today. Stripping a wood deck I can se having an issue with but cement can be pressure cleaned with no damage except to the dirt. It shook me up and I assured him that I would never do anything again around the place without consulting him. I think he’s just really getting used to having another man on his property and he seems compelled to get into pissing contests with me. His wife assures me it’s okay and he just needs to adjust but I really like the place so I need to stay on his good side. I have a real hard time walking on eggshells with people though. It’s a real challenge.
Hope it gets better. Have a cup of tea like my Granny always said.

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Not too bad, thanks for asking. I tried yoga for the first time. I have avoided it for years, because I thought I would be terrible at it and not enjoy it. It was very difficult for me. I had to modify or not do about half of it.

I also avoided doing for the like 110th day in a row something that I need to do, that I prefer not to share. I don’t know when I will finally bite the bullet.

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Uneventful, but nice, thank you. :)

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Thanks @SeventhSense. Hopefully our mechanic will have good news for me tomorrow.

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Beautiful. I woke up in a great mood, my partner in a great mood, my broken car being worked on and did a little spoiling self shopping. In a few minutes I’ll be on way to dinner and maybe a movie :)

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I would have liked to be more productive. But I got a couple of bills payed today and got my Netflix. I haven’t seen Explorers or Little Monsters in years. Looking forward to it. My coughing fits are calming down after a week of being sick, so yay! But, I did give it to my sister, though.

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Thank you for asking. As usual I had a great day; even though I left a novel I was reading at the laundromat yesterday and it wasn’t there today. Since it wasn’t turned in, I hope someone is reading it. I spent half the day searching the thrift stores hoping to find another copy. No luck. Dang it I was really enjoying that book. Came home and prepared dinner which consisted of what we call super salad – lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, beets, pineapple, corn (off the cob), grilled chicken, feta cheese, and dressing of choice and croutons. Yep! I had a nice laid back day. Now I’m relaxing with a glass of wine and watching flutherites;-). Hope you had a great day.

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It was good. Had a dentist appointment early in the morning (at 8!), which was not great, but it was nice because I hadn’t had one in a while and there were no problems that they found. :)

Later, I worked in the yard and then went to a restaurant with my family and then hung out with my boyfriend for a while. I’m home for about an hour, then I’m going out again with my boyfriend (always fun as far as I’m concerned).

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Pretty good till I answered a question about atheist behavior. Should’ve known better. Its like playing a game of monopoly. You feel like you stepped into a game from hell that never ends and no one really ever wins. I should be careful what I answer when I’m bored. But a shower later and I’m back to being fine. :)

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It was an enjoyable day. Went to the dentist, which wasn’t terribly fun, but a lot less uncomfortable than I expected. Grocery shopped with my mom and picked up some awesome snacks. Spent the remainder of the evening watching the 1995 Pride & Prejudice, and eating a delicious baked ziti dinner :D
Just my type of day, full of relaxation. Summer is great.

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You went to the dentist too?! lol

What a coinkydink… :P

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I’m still sick. I thought I was feeling better, so I started the laundry, but now I have a pile of unfolded white clothes on top of the dryer which is full of the dark clothes, and the sheets off my bed are still in the washer. It’s a good thing I have a spare set. King sheets are expensive.

My husband had to open a couple of cans of soup for our dinner, because I was exhausted. I took some Nyquil, and slept from 6:30 until 9:30.

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Time to whinge, whine and whimper again, so I will spare you all the pain…...

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When I woke up this morning I shined like sunshine! Everything just fine in today and I got a pretty good day yesterday in my aunt’s birthday party. And thank you for asking.

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Good. Educational, even.
It got much better when I found (and depleted) the hidden cache of oven cleaner. The other stuff is like Windex.

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It was chilly and damp today and it made my pain considerably worse that usual.

I only have to wait a month more before my wife comes back come; she’s been away since early April. We talk several times a day but I sure do miss her.

I am happy to be alive!

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Meh. I’ve been waiting around to hear from a prospective man-friend. I’ve been drinking a lot. hahaha

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I’m not sure yet :p I’m trying to invite all my friends to my party, but I don’t know how many of them are gonna come to the party, and I’m worried because I think that we’ll be only 5 people, or maybe 120, all in one room. I hope we’ll be at least 10. and I have to know how many people will be there until tonight, because I have to be sure before we buy the food and the drinks and ugh THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY but I really like it
hell yeah I’m gonna have the BEST b-day party ever!!!!

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So far it’s been uncomfortable physically but ok mentally. I haven’t been very well over the last few days and yesterday I finished work early because I felt so bad. Anyway, today I have been left with a very sore throat/cough as well as stiff neck, back and shoulders. I had to be at work for 6.15am which meant getting up at 5.15am and I won’t finish work until 5pm. I am very tired, mostly because of feeling under the weather as I usually don’t mind the early shift. Having saiall of that, my mental state is ok. As of right now, I am not too anxious and feel, generally, at ease. As much as I hate feeling poorly, it is more important to me that my mental health is positive.

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Not the best. I’ve been dealing with Vertigo since Saturday, and it seems worse today. I have a follow up with the doc tomorrow. I’m hoping he can help somehow. It’s frustrating not being able to be as active as I want to be.

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It’s gonna keep sucking till I get my ass drunk.

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I had a productive day despite the lousy weather that kept me pretty damn uncomfortable.

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You people are awesome!

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I’ve been soooo lazy, not even showered but I’ve done some laundry and brushed my teeth. Waiting for the man to come home so I can talk him into Thai squid salad for dinner.

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Hope you feel better today(Thursday).

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I’m currently trying to figure out how to make my lips stop swelling. I’m not allergic to anything.
I’m sure it’s the weather. It’s been cloudy, not muggy or rainy. I’m getting over a cold, just some random coughing fits. I’ve held a damp rag to my face for the last 24 hours and I’m wondering about solutions.

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@SeventhSense Thanks – not yet, but at least I can still Fluther.

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Three hours sleep, hungover and I’m at work. Oh, happy day. ~

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Yeah. I’m getting sick too. :/ called off work today.

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