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Can I safely put "e6aca0" down under "Race/Ethnicity (Other)" on a federal form?

Asked by Nullo (22009points) June 17th, 2010

It’s a sample average (some 30pxl across) from my cheek. My other choices would be “Italian-American”, “European-American”, “Pink (now lightly tanned)”, and plain ol’ inaccurate “White.”

So I’m feeling geekishly snarky.

It’s part of an effort to establish my eligibility as a juror.

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I would love to see the day when DNA descriptions are used in place of the current choices.

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Your government cares what colour your skin is to be on a jury?!?! That’s barbaric, this day and age!!! What country do you live in??? I was about to guess somewhere in Africa, but you mention “American,” so I’m guessing a country in Central America or South America?

BTW, if asked such a question on a government form, I’d put down “Klingon.”

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@YARNLADY That’s a sample average from a picture of me. :D

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Are you really e6aca0 , nullo?

I like the thought, though. I would think of doing that myself.

If they object to it, you could use RGB values instead.

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What exactly are you filling out? I know if it’s a student loan form, it could hurt your chances of getting scholarships that are aimed at certain minorities.

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@Arisztid Not entirely. That’s what GIMP returned when I asked it for a sample average of a patch of my face.
@papayalily Eligibility for jury duty. Sadly, there aren’t any scholarships for those of us with e6aca0 skin; it would be hideously un-PC.

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@Nullo Oh, I get it, I was unfamiliar with the term

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@Nullo Oh ok. My monitor runs pink so that was a “that color does not exist on human skin” moment for me. I am approx. CDAA7D (we are guessing b/c no piccies) as I start into my summer tan which looks pinkish on my monitor and correctly brown on my wife’s.

There are no scholarships for Rromani Gypsies either despite us being “brown” so it is not just white folks.

@YARNLADY he is using HTML color code. It is also called hexadecimal code.

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race is not determined by genetics in the USA. Race is considered a social group that you feel comfortable associating yourself with.

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@arpinum Not so. I could not say “I identify with black people” and get a scholarship for black people. I also could not go to one of the Native American Nations for whatever reason to get on the tribal roles if I “identified with Native Americans.” You have to prove yourself via tribal roles to be whatever percentage is determined for each Nation. I think there are grants for Hispanics and I could not get one of those no matter if I “identified” with them.

Genetics say that I am ¾ Rromani Gypsy, ¼ white. As far as “race,” that is what I am and no amount of associating with any group is going to make me one of that group.

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Do you want to be a juror? If so make it easy for them.
Or at least don’t answer—BTW e6aca0 isn’t a statement of fact anyway. Where? Your cheek, your forearm, your underarm, your crotch? And when? After months out in the sun, or hermited inside during winter?
From a photo, you say? Was it taken inside or outside? Was it color corrected?
There is no answer but no answer.

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If you don’t want to do jury duty there’s about a billion answers you could give that wouldn’t have to be in hex at all.

Most forms I see, though, ask if you’re “white/Caucasian.” I guess to differentiate from “white/Hispanic” or “white/black.”

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Judges are known for their sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to put that stuff on your form.
It will make their day. Bring a toothbrush.

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if you care about defining yourself, isn’t there a multi-ethnicity definition? Or just say you’re Tiger Woods.

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@anartist I consider my face to be representative of myself. Averaging the color of a 30×30px patch of my upper cheek towards the nose on the left-hand side of my face under normal indoor lighting (taken at night) comes out to e6aca0.

@mrentropy I don’t really care about doing jury duty or not; I just think that it’s a stupid question. The contrarian in me just wants to be difficult on those grounds.
Really, it’s a stupid criterion. Racist, too, except that they’ll never acknowledge that.

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@Nullo Oh. Well. I’ll stop coming up with them, then. Probably better in the long run.
Also, I tend to agree. Usually it’s explained away as some kind of census thing for statistics. I don’t see why it matters most of the time.

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@Arisztid Those native american programs and scholorships refer to heritage, not race. Look at the us gov’t official definition of race an you will see what I stated. You can put Native American on the census form if you want to, totally legal if that is the culture and group you identify yourself as belonging to.

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@arpinum I see your point about the census. I could put anything I want on there and believe anything I want. Regarding the jury duty thing, I have no clue if they would be a tad more literal because I have never had to serve on a jury (thankyou, work, thankyou).

I have always wanted to write in “The Indy 500” as my “race.”

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When asked “race” I prefer to put “human.”

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It would be a great way to get out of jury duty. Lawyers don’t want people who are clever or think “outside the box” to sit on juries.

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