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What do girls like more, material things or a guys looks?

Asked by cornbird (1750points) June 17th, 2010

I know that the most important thing in a guy is his personality, but putting that aside what are the other most important thing to consider his looks or the material things. Will girls go out with guys that have hot cars, money and jewelery or guys that are just face worthy? Is material things really important in attraction?

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Not to me.

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It depends on the girl. For me personally, I didn’t care what material possessions my husband (or any of the other guys I dated before him) had when I met him. I’ve never based my dating someone on their looks alone, but I had to be attracted to someone to want to date them.

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‘Girls’ like both.

WOMEN…go for the heart of the man.

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Obviously girls just want guys to buy them stuff. Duh.

Is that the answer you were looking for? Because I think we all know by now that different people want different things and there’s no good way to know what “girls” as a whole want from a partner.

Sorry. I’m wearing my cranky pants today.

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@nikipedia good answer. Just trying clear something up…dont have to bite my head off.

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You’re asking what is more important superficially? Assuming we shut down the part that naturally wants him to be a good PERSON? Of course, as it was already said, you can’t make a call for all women in one sweeping statement. Personally if I had to choose between money or looks, it would be looks. Attraction is important in a relationship.

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i’m into heart and soul…not face, kinda…and definitely not material things.

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In general, women look for cues that show a man can obtain resources. In general, men look for fertility cues in women. It’s evolutionary.

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@kevbo good answer. Let me put it like this then. If you have two goodlooking guys with great personalities but one has a hot car and the other doesnt, who would the girls be attracted to more?

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Personality matters more than anything. I couldn’t care less about cars, money or status.

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They want both, but end up settling for one or the other.

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There are some people that are in relationships where their mate is very rich and good looking; their life is so easy that they look past things like their partner cheating just because they need their support and resources…....But that is not a common and typical relation.

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You don’t understand.
To teenage girls, good looking guys ARE material things.

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I hate to agree, but to many teen girls, that’s definitely true. Thank god people grow up, right?

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@cornbird You can’t generalize girls, or anyone for that matter. Two good looking guys, one with a hot car, one without a hot car. It depends on who has the better personality, the one who makes me laugh, the one who is sweet and good to other people, as well as good to me.

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I wonder how women’s minds change about such things after they’ve gotten a divorce and have a couple of kids in tow and an ex who doesn’t want anything to do with them.

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Material things. Good job > looks any day.

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@envidula61 I became a lot more picky about who I would date after my ex-husband left me and our 10-month-old son. My ex-husband hasn’t seen my son in over 7 years.

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