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Who is Baba Looey?

Asked by janbb (57795points) June 18th, 2010

Mr. janbb is doing the crossword puzzle and being culturally challenged – since he is English – doesn’t know who this is. I have a vague recollection of him (it?) as a cartoon character. Can you tell us who it is and what show he or it is from?

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He was the burro in Quck Draw McGraw.
Here is a picture of him.

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But of course – I knew I should know it! MWAH!!

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Interesting. We have a wonderful pizza joint here called Baba Louie’s and its twin across the line in Great Barrington. I never knew that there was an original.

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And here I thought this was a Howard Stern question and you were just pronouncing it wrong. Ha ha.

Baba Booey to the rescue :)

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I thought it was this, but it appears I was wrong.

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And there’s also

Louis louis, louis loo-eye-eye
We gotta go now…

Also wrong :)

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But remember “Quick-Draw does all the thinning around here…”

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I used to love El Kabong!

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I also thought of baba booey

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