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Are These Things Problem Behaviors or Diseases?

Asked by ItsAHabit (2297points) June 19th, 2010

Some parents harm their own children and then “dramatically rescue them” (often diagnosed as muncheimers syndrome or muncheimers by proxy), others gamble so heavily that they create severe financial problems for themselves and their families (often called gambling addiction), others drink so heavily that it causes serious problems (often diagnosed as alcoholism), others repeatedly engage in sex recklessly with large numbers of partners (sometimes diagnosed as sexual addiction), and the list goes on.

Are these all diseases? Are some of these diseases? Are none of these diseases?

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They are all poor coping habits….I am not big on calling any of these things a disease…although, when the word is broken down it does translate to dis-ease…lack of well being, and, as I have understood this term in areas of also implies a progressive condition that could lead to death if left untreated.

Alcohol and drug abuse yes..and sex addiction possibily, gambling would just lead to the death of ones financial security.

When used this way I get it…but do not like that it implies an inability, helplessness, to stop the behavior.

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I don’t know of any “muncheimers” syndrome or “muncheimers” syndrome by proxy.

Perhaps you’re referring to M√ľnchausen syndrome or M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy.

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Most are the product of bad environment.

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Brian1941. You’re right! Thanks for the correction. By the way, do you think it’s a disease?

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Yes. It is a dis-ease in the sense that I mentioned.

An addict is not at feel at ease they must smoke, drink, eat, screw, snort or gamble to feel ‘normal.’

By definition they are not at ease without their habit of choice.

They are unable to live and function in a state of sobriety and the constant thinking and need for whatever it is they use dominates their lives.

It is NOT a disease in the sense thay are hapless victims of a health condition.. ( although some say that there is a gene for alcoholism )
Addicts make their beds and remain lying in them out of fear, inertia and a choice, conscious or otherwise, that the pain of giving up their unhealthy ways is more painful than learning to live in a state of healthy sobriety and learning new healthier coping strategies.

The idea of going for a run instead of reaching for the bong or bottle to relieve stress is not an option they choose.

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Coloma. I think you are very perceptive as well as correct.

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I don’t thing disease, meaning a physical malfunction of the human life support system – but rather a personality disorder or defect.

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One highly successful program argues that alcoholism is not a disease and helps people with the problem through education. Its whole program rejects the disease theory and it has an independently-documented success rate of over 60%. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is based on the disease theory and reports a success rate of “as high as 5%.” That’s five not fifty percent. AA helps some people but alcoholics who do not join any program experience a spontaneous remission rate of about 30%.

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