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How do i properly write an annual review?

Asked by Mrgelastic (508points) June 19th, 2010

Fathers day is coming up, and i wanted to do something cool for my dad, we actually met a year ago after 19 years of not talking and i wanted to write him a professional annual review because he is working for a corporation. any tips on how to make it sounds like an actual one, a link to a sample would be appreciated

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I don’t have any suggestions. However, I want you to know that you’ll be very glad you did this. Someday he will be dead and you’ll thank yourself a million times. It’s so easy to forget how short life is and how important family can be. I’m very happy for you. Believe me.

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Here’s one resource. And here’s another. I just Googled “performance review models.” I’d say look for some that list leadership qualities. Also try “what is a father?” (greeting-card style) for fatherly qualities. Then rate him on several dimensions.

A typical model might involve selecting certain key competencies, expressed in single nouns (reliability, commitment, integrity, drive, innovation, adaptability, communication & influence, teamwork & collaboration, etc.), and describing how he measures up against them. Here is an excerpt from an assessment that I wrote for a co-worker. First is the trait defined by the evaluation tool, and then my comments follow.


Maintains productivity in times of ambiguity or change; modifies behavior and plans as necessary to achieve goals; adapts to new approaches and technologies as they emerge.

In our times of ambiguity or change, than which we seem to have nothing other, Paul maintains an awe-inspiring level of productivity. He routinely takes on Herculean tasks and delivers on multiple fronts while keeping a massive quantity of both process and content knowledge in his head. My observation of Paul over several years in various capacities is that he welcomes new tools and processes, adjusts to new goals and expectations, and strives harder when the bar is raised. His commitment does not falter. His influence is a stabilizing factor when some are unsettled by those constant ambiguities and changes.

Always act in the best interests of the company; acts with honesty and integrity; puts team and company goals above personal goals.

Integrity is a good word to associate with Paul. He pairs confidence with humility in such a way that people trust him, follow his lead, look to him for support, and call upon him for help without fear of rebuff. He is honest, reliable, dedicated, and patient. He weighs his actions and decisions with care, and yet he is able to act quickly and decisively as a situation requires. He is encouraging and supportive, broadly and deeply knowledgeable, and always ready to share his knowledge with others. He also respects boundaries of expertise. Paul supports team goals and decisions wholeheartedly and does not compete with others to defeat their ideas with his own.

Judgment & Perspective
Makes timely and sound decisions; applies broad knowledge and seasoned experience when making decisions; takes all critical information into account when making decisions; considers short- and long-term implications of decisions; grasps complexities and interrelationships.

Paul takes his responsibilities and commitments seriously. He does not shortchange the decision-making process but devotes adequate thought to questions that arise, commensurate with the magnitude of the question. His process takes into account both his extensive knowledge and experience and a focused customer awareness. He never forgets human factors. He prioritizes constantly and makes wise choices about what to put first and what to let go.

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@Jeruba Thanks you the links are great, i’m ready to give this guy a great review

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Wow! I am happy to hear you are communicating with your father. Like itahabit says, she is right but I am not so fortunate as you my father was shot shortly be I was to be born, so I missed out on so much more, take advantage of this life opportunity to the fullest. Have a wonderful life! ;-)

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So, @Mrgelastic, how did this project turn out?

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@Jeruba It was awesome he loved it, i took all of the notes you gave me and made it look as professional as possible. he said i have the makings to be in human resources

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Wow! I am so happy to hear that you are on your way both in the business world and in communicating with your father, congratulations and have a wonderful life with him in it. :-)

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